St. John the Theologian Monastery in Ryazan Region Poschupovo

Male monastery, named after St. John the Evangelist, located in one of the most beautiful places in the Ryazan region.It stands on a hill just above the river Oka.The exact date of when it was built the monastery of St. John the Theologian (Poschupovo) is unknown.During its long history it has had time to grow a variety of myths and legends.

Legend One: the emergence of the monastery

One legend says that the monastery appeared in the late XII or at the beginning of the XIII century.It is believed that these lands came Christian monks-missionaries with the aim to educate the local pagans.With them was a miraculous icon of St. John the Evangelist, in whose honor and named the monastery founded by monks.This image is one of many shrines, which gave the Church of Constantinople as a gift Russian state.According to legend, it was written by an orphan boy who lived in Byzantium as early as the VI century, the hand which he allegedly drove the apostle.

first monastery was south of the present-day, on a

hillside above the river Oka in the cave.Naturally, the area around in those days looked a bit different than it is now: the high hills grew centuries-old oaks and the remaining space is occupied by small lakes and oxbow lakes.

John the Theologian monastery Poschupovo.Background

have survived the whole complex of inhabited caves, estimated time of arrival - the end of XII century.This fact leads to the assumption that the monks have acted in the same way as their counterparts in the base of the Kiev-Pechersk monastery, who later became wooden.

Legend two: golden seal

Batu Khan, having moved with his army on the Russian land, met fierce resistance from the residents of Old Ryazan, which defended for five days.Yet the city was taken, and, of course, burned to the ground (it is known that a modern city built on a new site).Then, with a horde of Khan came to the monastery and camped for the night.The next morning they were going to rob and burn it.According to legend, Batu had a dream where he saw the face of the Apostle John.He and his men were so frightened vision that gave up their original plan.It is said that Khan was very afraid of the Christian saints.

Arriving at the temple, he saw the icon he dreamed the very face of the apostle.Then Batu imposed on their personal shrine golden seal, which was to protect the monastery and all his brothers from the many raids and destruction.The monks treasured it for 416 years.She was later melted down in a bowl used for Communion.

Legend Three: Missing icon

Over time, the power of the Horde changed, and golden seal of Batu Khan ceased to be a protection for the monastery.Participation raids, bringing with him his brother's murder and destruction.But every time the monks with enviable persistence restored his abode.

But in the end the monks got tired and decided to find another place to build a monastery.They collected all his surviving belongings and hit the road.But after some time, we found that the miraculous icon with the face of St. John the Divine was lost.Then they questioned the correctness of his action.

brothers decided to return, and in whatever was to find the lost relic.On the way back, they passed through the woods, they saw a high oak missing icon.Took it as a sign from above, they decided to build a new monastery on the spot where they found the face of St. John the Divine.Now the monastery is located just north of the original location of it.

from Dubai, which found an icon, made the board and placed on the high altar in St. John the Theologian Monastery (Poschupovo).Later, she moved to novovozvedenny Assumption Cathedral.


construction of the monastery at this site began in the XVI century.At first it was wooden, and by the end of the XVII century already began to build stone buildings.Who is John the Theologian Monastery (Poschupovo) entirely of stone.

the middle of XIX century the monastery became dilapidated and was in ruins up until 1859 in these places is not settled, David I. KHLUDOV.He made every effort to revive it.At the end of the 19th century it became almost the most beautiful in the Ryazan diocese.It was also built four-tiered bell tower height of 76 meters.

At the same time, the monastery hosted school, where he taught peasant children.That is saved from the closure of the monastery after the October Revolution.

the spring of 1931 the monastery of St. John the Theologian (Poschupovo) is still closed, and the monks were arrested.And on the eve of a lost ancient miraculous icon of St. John the Divine, which, incidentally, has not yet been found.In Soviet times, the monastery buildings were different institutions.Only in the autumn of 1988, he was returned back to the Russian Orthodox Church.


Now the monastery lives its measured life.For the pilgrims there are guided tours, including visits to temples and pray at the shrines of the monastery.Judging by the reviews, they like the fact that travelers are invited to a free meal.There is a hotel where you can spend the night.

must say that the nature of the extraordinarily beautiful places, where the Monastery of St. John the Theologian (Poschupovo).Reviews of many tourists the most positive.Here you can purchase products and sanctified monastic herbal tea, as well as a real rye bread!

on the territory of the monastery is a holy spring, which has, in the opinion of pilgrims, healing power.Many people come here to get water or dip.It is quite cold here - only 4 degrees.

There are many stories associated with miraculous healings that can create holy spring at the base of the hill, where the monastery of St. John the Theologian (Poschupovo).Require can be ordered right here, as well as purchase a variety of souvenirs and icons.

Another attraction of the monastery - quite an extensive library.It stores not only modern books on philosophy, theology, history and art, but also old books and manuscripts of the XVII century, and rare pre-revolutionary editions.

Address monastery and the schedule of services

Area monastery: Ryazan region, Rybnovskij area of ​​St. John the Theologian monastery Poschupovo.Schedule of services: on weekdays conducted the Divine Liturgy.Start it at 8.30.Evening service - at 18.00.On Sundays the Divine Liturgy begins at 9:00 am, and on the eve of holidays - all-night vigil at 17.00.