How to increase lactation nursing mothers?

Before looking for ways how to increase lactation nursing mothers, it is necessary to evaluate and understand whether you need it.Sometimes moms can vain to perceive as a lack of normal lactation milk because of the strange behavior of children.If you determine that you have in fact produced enough milk and baby it is not enough for a normal food, you should consult a doctor and ask him how to increase lactation nursing mothers.The doctor will try to determine why this is happening, and will try to help you solve this problem.In some cases, doctors recommend taking means increasing laktatsiyu.Glavnoe - do not panic!Most moms are very frightened, discovering that their baby does not have enough milk.It is important in such a situation, do not panic, because negative emotions even further reduce the production of breast milk.Especially now that the baby is so worried about malnutrition and the bad mood of his beloved mother, and transmitted to the child.

How to increase lactation nursing mothers?Practi

cal advice

There are several simple steps you can take to generate good breast milk.If you are already in a situation where asking: "How to increase lactation nursing mothers?", You should use the tips.As far as possible, move on, all their plans and home affairs let a little wait.All of the resulting free time to devote to increase lactation.

  1. Put your baby to the breast at least 11 times in 24 hours, every half to two hours during the day and every three hours at night, even if it is necessary to wake up the crumbs.
  2. Do not take the baby the breast, until he falls asleep, or it will not let go.Milk comes on the basis of demand, that is, as a pipsqueak suck so much and produced the next feeding.
  3. If possible, buy a breast pump.While the baby is sucking one breast to the other breast apply.Also there are special dual breast, most often they are used for electric and both breasts at once, which contributes to increased production of prolactin.Prolactin - a hormone that stimulates the appearance of milk.Using such an apparatus for 10-15 minutes three times a day can significantly increase lactation.
  4. Even if a child is hungry, it does not lure additional mixture of bottles and avoid various teats or pacifiers.For baby sucking it ensures that he spends enough time in the chest to stimulate lactation.
  5. Eat more foods that are rich in protein and calcium.
  6. Liquids should drink at least 2 liters a day.
  7. Get plenty of rest, household chores can wait.Also consider the option co-sleeping.Thus, the baby will be able to breastfeed without waking up, that will save you from unnecessary trouble.

most important in breastfeeding - it's love for his child and his desire to feed.The process of feeding should always be held in a cozy, comfortable atmosphere and give pleasure, both the child and the mother.If a family harmony, you'll never have to wonder: "How to increase lactation milk?".And if he still appeared, then these tips are sure to help you.