How to choose the right laminate flooring?

Resistant to scratching and chipping, easy installation and operation of the laminate - the perfect solution for your home.Low price on laminate materials makes the most profitable acquisition in the segment of floor coverings!Choose the right laminate flooring to suit your needs and characteristics of premises.


laminate consisting of 4 layers.The top is impregnated with melamine resin, which prevents abrasion, stains, discoloration.Central is made from natural wood fibers compressed - sheets of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).The filling can be used as sheets of HDF (High Density Fiberboard): they are more durable MDF, as in the production process, the conditions of high pressure.The bottom layer is called a stabilizing: its main function - to keep the inner layers of the material fixed.

All floor coverings are tested for durability.The total number of test events for the laminate is 18 samples.During the Taber test the upper layer is subjected to mechanical stress grinding wheel.The

rate of occurrence of the first signs of damage on the surface determines the level of wear resistance of the upper layer (a norm E438 / Initial phase), in other words, laminate right in front of us or not.

on laminate price depends on the class of durability.For residential premises is isolated 21, 22 and 23 classes.Class 21 is suitable locations with low loads (bedrooms, rooms, cabinets), is characterized by low maintenance period (1-2 years).22 - designed for decoration with moderate permeability (children, room for guests).The service life of this type of coating is 2-4 years.Correct laminate 23 minutes endurance used in hallways and kitchens - places with a high degree of stress.Products retain the look and quality performance for 4-6 years.

As a rule, the price of the laminate above, if the material is intended for use in public places.Levels durability towers from 31 to 33. The laminate 31 with the index maintains a low degree of stress - is used in meeting rooms, conference rooms.The operation period is limited to 1-3 years.However, in a residential area it is 8-10 years.32 wear resistance means that the product is suitable for use in offices, reception areas.Articles 32 levels retain their characteristics 3-5 years.At home - 10-12 years.Correct laminate for shopping, dining has an endurance 33. In places with high loads, this type of material will last 5-6 years.In accommodation, it retains the basic properties of 15-20 years.Indicators 33 class performance surpassed only by 34, although the latter is not in the official classification of EN13329.In such a laminate price above all.It is found only in the range of elite producers.


correct laminate, according to some, must meet the requirements of water resistance.If the probability of spilling liquids on the floor is high, the coating should be treated with waterproofing agents (especially in the area of ​​edges and bleed).In addition to protecting against moisture, they give additional antibacterial effect laminate: prevent the occurrence of fungi, mold.The basis of a moisture-resistant coating further processed by water-repellent based waxes.


On laminate price takes into account all the possible indicators of the quality of products.Pricing is influenced not only the parameters of wear, moisture resistance, some types of coatings are characterized by a reduced level of formaldehyde (0.12 mg / m3), involve the installation of underfloor heating and so on. If you have difficulty in choosing, ask for help only to professionals.Experts prompt what level laminate is right for you and how to pack it yourself.