How to keep an air of batteries: Features procedures

air in the radiator heating is a problem that does not allow the system to operate effectively.The fact that the battery in this case can not fully heated.Airbag prevents the spread of water around the radiator.Naturally, the question needs to be immediately addressed.Otherwise, you will pay the money for poor quality heating and freezing, wrapped in a blanket.

The cause of this problem is to repair the system or preparing for the season, improper filling of water pipes, poor tightness elements, presence of air in the fluid itself.If the radiator heats very bad, then you need to learn about how to keep an air of batteries.In principle, the procedure is not complicated, so you can spend it on their own.Naturally, all actions should be done very carefully so as not to break the radiators.

First of all, you should make sure that your system is equipped with special air vent valves on the air valves are installed.Before you lower the air from the batteries, decide whether you need any tools for the job

.In principle, they are only required for manual air.In this case, the procedure you need a simple key or screwdriver.With automatic shutter, everything is much easier.However, they are very sensitive to dirt.

before descending air from the battery, try to tap them lightly with a hammer.If you hear a very sonorous sound, so at this point there is a traffic jam.Now you can start the descent of air.Since after its release from the pipe starts to drip water, then you will also need a towel or small container for its collection.Now take a key or other tool and open the valve.At this time should be to listen to the sounds that will be heard from the battery.The air must come out with a whistle or hiss.

Since air from the lower battery is quite simple, do not forget about all the same accuracy.After the tube goes from the radiator starts to ooze water.This indicates that the air in the system and no longer possible to close the valve.Do this carefully so as not to break anything.Otherwise you can not close the battery, and have to call the repairman.

If after these works heating is not efficient enough, so you have to be washed or blown battery.But if this procedure does not work, then the system is not well filled with water.You should also take into account the fact that the airlock goes faster if the fluid in the radiator is hot.

should be noted that of the batteries, made of aluminum, the problem is quite difficult to remove.So try to lower the air on a regular basis, even if the system warms well.If an autonomous heating, then to deal with the cork sometimes necessary to flush through the expansion tank.

Now you know how to pull air from the radiator own.Suppose your house is warm and cozy during the winter cold.Good luck!