For the "Tricolor TV" GS700 (tablet): reviews, instructions, photos

Satellite TV, as practice shows, it is becoming more affordable for everyone.We already have a low-cost operators such TV formats, which allows you to watch TV without restriction from all over the world.

Naturally, in this area could not interfere with the latest mobile technology.Agree, watch TV portable cooler than in the same format, which operated in the past decade - a large, fixed screen, located in one place.

Today, in addition to a wide plasma TV can be installed in your home and compact device that is using a Wi-Fi signal to connect to the compiler.So, enjoy your favorite transmissions can be, for example, lying on the sofa, at arm's length.Implement this helps GS700 (tablet).Reviews of him, as well as a brief description of the device shown in this article.

What tablet GS700?

Let's start with a brief explanation, why do you need this device.In the description of the device indicates that the GS700 - tablet."Tricolor TV" - a company that represents it on the market, together with the

developer (GS), offers together with him and the translator.The latter, as noted above, allows you to connect multiple TVs to the signal transmitted from the satellite.Thus, if you have a large apartment or house, where several television (or he is one, but you still want to watch and tablet GS700), this set is just the perfect solution.And, of course, besides the possibility to enjoy satellite TV, you get in addition also GS700 (tablet).User reviews suggest that even without connecting the signal device is a good "toy".And with the help of it you can chat in Skype, watch downloaded movies, use a browser to read books.In general, the full versatility!

design device

Even if we take into account only the appearance of the tablet, it can be called pretty.It is, in fact, not much different from the majority of Chinese budget devices - has the same rectangular shape, but is made of high-quality, soft-touch plastic.According to characterize the plate GS700 reviews, even no defects in the assembly is not - all the panels fit together perfectly, no backlash and creaking observed.

As for buttons and navigation, the top has keys sound, while the central "home" button is not.Instead, the developers put a company logo GS, which is engaged in production of devices.

processor tablet

Design GS700, as you can see on top.As for the "stuffing", then everything is fine.Works tablet "Tricolor» GS700 (user feedback confirm the convenience of such a decision) based on MTK8127 Quad Core.This implies the presence of 4 cores in the computer.No, it certainly is not the most advanced solution, but also for devices of this class, it is fine.Although the front of the tablet, and does not attempt to reproduce the bulky applications and games (though and it is certainly "pull"), but such details will help to cope with its task of "Hurrah."

RAM the machine has a capacity of 1 GB, which, according to those who leave about GS700 (tablet) reviews, it is enough for quick and dynamic operation.Braking when scrolling through the menu, too, has not been noticed - the tablet rather "smart."

characteristic curves

By the way, do not forget about the plot, because it is - a key issue for people who want to watch TV from your computer.So, GS700 operates in Mali graphics engine 450 MP4 Quad Core.Paired with a seven-inch screen, whose resolution of 1024 x 800 pixels, this software is capable of providing an excellent image, which is quite satisfied with the majority of users.Even if we take into account the play modern games, the GS700 (tablet) - reviews confirm this - to cope with this at the appropriate level.This is a good indicator for the budget unit, whose main goal is not to work with demanding applications.

Operating System

course harakteriziruya OS is running GS700, nothing new readers, we will not tell.This, of course, Android 4.4.4.This version is the most stable, though not new at the moment.Now (for reference) already have version 5.1.1 installed on devices Nexus.However, even with such a system works GS700 (tablet), reviews will not lie - excellent.The structure and logic of the system, features make it convenient and easy for anyone to use!

However, the hope that a KitKat in the future model will be updated to Lollipop, not: to develop a software solution for such operations in the budget computer, most likely no one will.This statement is justified.Perhaps in the future the developer will release a new, more modern equivalent, than the plate "Tricolor TV» GS700.Reviews and expectations can play a role in this.

Battery GS700

If we are talking about mobile gadgets, its compactness and ability to walk with him in the house, for example, and enjoy your favorite satellite TV, then, of course, you will be interested to know about the capabilities of the battery unit.In fact, GS700 (tablet) -User, however, this information does not include information based more on personal observations some buyers - is able to survive in the active work for 8-12 hours.It all depends on the signal strength Wi-Fi, as well as settings such as the operation of mobile networks and screen brightness.The capacity of the battery, which is a plate in the base version is 2800 mAh.In an extreme case, if the above noted time somebody will not be enough to solve the problem, you can at any time by connecting to the network charging or power bank'u.

cost tablet and accessories

As already noted, GS700 (tablet, you will find a photo in the article) is typical of the budgetary system.You can buy it at the price of 13 thousand rubles.Included with the Tablet PC will be available a couple of translators able to receive the signal and transmit it via the connection format Wi-Fi (this was already mentioned above).Not a bad deal, right?

And for 14 thousand rubles wizard install and configure your tablet from the "Tricolor TV» GS700.Feedback from those who have already taken advantage of this service, "turnkey" suggest practical solutions in this case.And, of course, the pen tablet comes in a complete package, including the charger, cable connected to a PC, the user manual.In it, by the way, is not described in much of anything - it does not make sense, because the work with Android KitKat does not require any special knowledge.All that a person needs to know - it is the combination of translators.However, in the case of an order setting is not even useful.See how easy it is to get a tablet "Tricolor TV» GS700!Feedback from customers confirms that the company's service fast enough, and the whole procedure itself is simple.

User reviews Publish the

a little advice from those who have already managed to take advantage of this functionality.It is, as you may remember, in addition to the package to broadcast the TV signal includes more tablet GS700.Reviews generally read as a fairly high assessment of this product.People say, how convenient is the function of simultaneously producing two profitable products - satellite TV and a portable mobile device capable of operating in any environment.It turns out that the buyer saves on this service, organized by "Tricolor TV".This can explain why the demand for the product.

More GS700 - tablet reviews which we quoted above - can be marked as a high-performance, multifunctional device at an affordable price.With such characteristics difficult to find even the Chinese noname-products company for the same price.All thanks to the fact that the "Tricolor TV" is beneficial to implement this line is so cheap, because each unit acquired by the client, includes also a package of television services, which in the future will have to pay.It turns out some kind of "subscription", from which is beneficial to both parties.

In fact, this same benefit can feel you.As you have read, GS700 (tablet, reviews of which we have given in this article) is a good solution.If you enjoy satellite TV, you may consider the purchase of such "portable display" that can be moved around the apartment or house.