Where is the Kingdom?

Do you know where the United Kingdom, on which river?A person with knowledge of the geographical features of the Kingdom, such a question might seem wrong.And all because in the state takes place not one but several rivers.It Thames, Trent, Clyde, Severn, Mersey.The country is located in the northwest of Europe, it was stretched in the British Isles.United Kingdom includes England, Wales, Scotland, and a small area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIreland.In addition, it is an island called Isle of Man.But that's not all.It also includes the Channel Islands.

Sea and the Straits

On the western and northern sides of the kingdom surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea.It is known to every schoolchild.On the eastern side of the country is washed by the North Sea.To the south are the English Channel and the Pas-de-Calais.Every educated person should know where the United Kingdom.Attractions kingdom beckon avid travelers, it attracts a lot of tourists.

territory of the country, the highest mountain, relief

territory of Great Britain took 243,809 km2.The highest portion of the kingdom located in Scotland - is the mountain Ben Nevis.It is famous all over the world, because the whole height of 1343 m. Impressive, is not it?In the south-east and center of the country distributed elevated plains, and wastelands.For the western and northern regions characterized by mountainous terrain, and he pretty much dissected.

territory of the Kingdom is quite a contrast.Each area is famous for something original, peculiar only to her.All regions have distinctive customs, traditions and culture.How to answer the question about where the United Kingdom, in the English language?We can say this: The United Kingdom (or Great Britain) is situated on the British Isles.

London Attractions

capital of the kingdom is a kind of mixture of all periods and styles of the history of the state, in addition, is inhabited by people of different nationalities.In the main city of the country's many attractions, which include historic sites, famous throughout the world, such as Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, the bell Big Ben, which weighs 16 tons, the National Gallery, the Sherlock Holmes Museum, Tower of London, Trafalgararea, Windsor Castle and others.London can rightly be called a musical capital of the world.There is a lot of theaters, including the "Covent Garden" and "Hard Rock Cafe", which enjoyed visiting the band The Beatles, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger and a lot of other well-known personalities.Fans of the great men certainly know where the United Kingdom.It is inextricably linked with the names of these musicians.

Cities UK

Provincial UK also amazing: tourists are attracted by the city of Lincoln (it is the oldest castle), mention of which can be found in various literary sources;Bath town, which was named so because it was based Roman baths.Also noteworthy Chester, built 2,000 years ago, and the beautiful City with a wonderful Ministerial temple (Europe's largest church).It is not enough to know where the United Kingdom, must also have information on its cities.This is very important.In order to get to know the English customs, it is recommended to visit Stratford, where Shakespeare situated House Museum and the Royal Theatre or the university towns of Oxford and Cambridge.This is a really lovely place.Oxford is the oldest English settlement in the university, a stronghold of education.Besides, it's just a magnificent city, the architecture here is unique.Many Russian students want to study here, and, of course, if you ask them about where the United Kingdom, they will give the right answer.And some are dreaming about the country life.


The famous Stonehenge (built between about 3100 and 1800 years BC) is perhaps the most famous ancient monument, located in Europe.On the function of the place for more than a century being heated debate: was the version that is Celtic religious building, as it was assumed that this astronomical observatory, moreover, said that the founders of the ring of oblong stones were representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.In general, a lot of theories, but the exact answer to the question, what is a Stonehenge, it has not yet given.Now you know where the United Kingdom, and you are aware of some of the attractions of this country.