Navigation for the iPhone: the best applications

latest smart phones can replace a lot of useful things: a camera, a video camera, a means to access the Internet, multimedia player, GPS and others.It is about the latest features - GPS - will be discussed in this article, since navigation for iPhone now can be achieved many good applications.Consider three popular ones.This program "Navitel", "Yandex Navigator" and the navigator "Google Maps".

"Navitel Navigator"

Maps of the applications are programmed by Russian developers, and therefore cover the breadth of our country is quite extensive, which served as the basis for the popularity of this program.In addition to Russia, the database contains other countries, among them - the post-Soviet states and Eastern Europe.Unfortunately, sometimes there are mistakes (even on the map of Moscow).In addition to this drawback, there is a much greater negative - poor adaptation to the iPhone.The reason - the imperfect interface and lack of performance, because sometimes the movement is jerky.However, the adva

ntages enough: in addition to the scope, the user can receive all necessary information about traffic jams, accidents, road works.Navitel iPhone will cost $ 60.Free version works for 30 days.Navigator for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch can be downloaded in the App Store.

"Yandex Navigator"

already based on the fact that the navigation for the iPhone from the "Yandex" is free, it can be concluded that it is not for the company profile direction.A confirmed those facts that the cards are rarely updated, and the area of ​​coverage is not too high.However, the interface does not cause any complaints - everything is convenient, clear and works without problems.Performance is also good, the card does not impede, but you can connect to the satellite in seconds.The ability to display traffic jams, traffic police posts.In general, good enough for fans of "freebies".As with all other applications, the navigator you can download in the App Store.

"Google Maps"

Last navigation for the iPhone, which we will discuss in this article - is a map of "Google."They are significantly inferior to cover the breadth and relevance of the previous navigators, so to evaluate the application can only be puny C grade.This is not strange, because it is more focused on North America and Western Europe, where he worked for 5 +.In Russia, however, it represented not the best routing with frequent errors.However, one can note a significant improvement of the Google Maps recently.Perhaps in the near future the application will take pride of first place in Russia in popularity, surpassing its rivals.By the way, there is an interesting feature "Satellite View" that can sometimes come in handy.The interface is very simple and understandable to each user, and there are the usual types of voice search.Navigation for the iPhone from Google is also possible offline, because the route you want saved and will show you the way, even if you turn off the Internet that will agree, very convenient.Finally say that to choose the application you need for navigation, based on their own opinion.Each service has its pluses and minuses, but sometimes an ordinary person need only the bare minimum, so choose is not so difficult.In addition to the described in the article, there are other navigators, check that and determine what will be best for you, you can download a trial version.