How to remove the irritation after shaving legs, underarms and bikini

Every woman dreams of a beautiful and smooth skin without a single unwanted hair.There are many ways to make your skin soft and smooth.Shaving - the easiest and fastest of them to achieve this goal at home.But there are some downsides.And chief among them - is boring.Many women suffer with this.They do not even know how to remove the irritation after shaving the legs, bikini area or underarms.But for this, there are a variety of hygiene products, creams, lotions, and even people's ways.We hope that the below mentioned tips will help you cope with this problem.

How quickly remove the irritation after shaving the bikini area

First, you need to properly prepare the area to shave.To do this, wait a little under a hot shower to steam the skin.Due to this, the hair becomes more susceptible to the shaving process.

Second, use only clean, sharp and possibly a new shaving machine tool.If after removing the hair you have enough strong irritation, use an electric razor.

Third, aftershave necessary disinf

ection of the entire bikini.Use of alcohol-based agents.Apply a moisturizer or soothing cream, toning lotion.Get rid of the irritation is possible and using folk remedies: compresses from broth calendula or chamomile infusions and a succession of celandine.

How to relieve irritation after shaving underarm area

main thing is to observe good personal hygiene.This will help you reduce the risk of irritation.Daily wash your armpits.At the same time, use only gentle means for the soul.If after shaving you have any red spots under your arms, take a bath with mint or sage.Itching in the armpits well removes rubbing lemon juice or vinegar gentle.To avoid irritation, wipe the skin decoction of chamomile.

How to remove the irritation after shaving legs

depilation feet are always in first place for most women.Shaving with the help of the machine does not take much time and is absolutely painless.Yes, and irritation, if properly do everything, is quite rare.Well, if it does occur, it can be quickly reduced.The fact that the skin on the legs are not so soft as to underarms or bikini areas, and requires careful maintenance.But still, to not get irritated, you should use a clean and a sharp razor, to observe the rules of hygiene, use a shaving cream and be sure to steam your feet before beginning the procedure.Do not use soap while.It is very dry your skin and makes it more sensitive to the razor's edge.The machine is also selected carefully.Now there is a very good offer special form and scarlet stripes, which have anti-inflammatory effects.In addition, to avoid irritation, shave legs at the right time - in the evening to the skin for a good night rest.Also, do not try to immediately after the procedure to pull nylon tights - is a direct path to the itching and the appearance of red spots.

But how to remove the irritation after shaving legs, if it did come from?Be sure to use a special one percent hydrocortisone ointment.She will have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, soothe skin of the legs and get rid of unpleasant itching and burning.However, this drug is not suitable for frequent use, as it can be addictive.

If you use a good razor sharp, high-quality facilities for and after shaving and depilation spend at the right time, the question on how to remove the irritation after shaving legs, underarms and bikini, you should not worry.But even if all the rules of this problem has not disappeared, it makes sense to seek help from a dermatologist.