" Viber " or " Vayber " - how to say ?What is the program and how to use it ?

annually the largest company producing applications for mobile phones and personal computers produced hundreds of projects.Competition in the global market is very high, so the greatest demand is for the installation to meet the stringent demands of consumers.The "Vayber" a few years of its existence, has undergone ups and downs, and thanks to the efforts of a long development today is one of the most sought after in many countries.


all known companies popular technological innovations are most often found in the United States and major European countries.Despite the unstable situation in Belarus, a popular instant messenger Viber created by two engineers Talmon Marco and Igor Magazinnikov in Minsk.Today the business is controlled by Israel, which is one of the main offices.The inventors have recognized, why the application is not developed in the United States: US programmers certainly are talented, but for his work requires a total of about 130 thousand dollars a year, while in Eastern E

urope, these funds can organize activities of several specialists.Service name spelled in Latin letters, so not all users know how to pronounce - "Viber" or "Vayber", however it did not affect the success of the brand.

first version of Viber was released on 9 November 2010, and one day operation of the program interested in a total of 18 members.Three weeks later, their number has exceeded thirty thousand.The authorization to place in the Israeli Viber Apple Store had been denied, but the creators have chosen the right tactics and published applications on the network where it is available to everyone.

"Viber" or "Vayber" - how is the title of the messenger?

It is interesting that the majority of Russian-speaking users have difficulty in pronouncing the name of the program.Rules of the English language are the same for all, and due to the fact that the first syllable of the word stroke, according to the laws of phonetics letter i in this position is read as the sound [ai].But grammatical installation are exceptions, for example, in another well-known brand Nikon first vowel has a similar position, but is pronounced as [i].

Do not pay much attention to pronunciation."Viber" or "Vayber" - how - it's only your opinion.Every language contains its own rules and foreigner speaks the words with the maximum convenience for themselves.

new owner of Viber

in February 2014 became the full owner of the messenger Hiroshi Mikitani, founder of the Japanese company Rakuten.The deal has cost $ 900 million, and it is expected to expand the user base at least twice.While "Vayber" is available in ten languages, except for the Japanese, but in the future the program may undergo tremendous changes.Customers expect that the application will be completely free.

Unlike service Skype, where you can search for a contact Tutor, the menu will automatically appear Viber users listed in the phone book, which is already installed this application.

How to use?

"Viber" or "Vayber" - how to say, everyone decides for himself.From this performance messenger it does not change, and for voice search Google accepts both.Service is multifunctional and is available for several operating systems: Android, WindowsPhone, BlackBerry, Bada, iOS."Vayber" is available for PCs and tablets, as well as for all manufacturers of mobile phones.No matter what your brand, if the device supports one of the operating systems, the application is successful, moreover, it is available on iPod-player manufacturers Apple.

Installation completely free program can be downloaded from the "shop" or a direct link from the Internet.After loading the "Viber" (or "Vayber") on the device icon will appear in purple, indicating that the messenger can now operate successfully.Sometimes provider asks you to specify the reliability of the mobile phone number.Do not worry, it's commonplace procedure that does not entail the removal of excess funds from the account of the phone.

Viber, Skype or WhatsApp?

Today, users can access multiple applications to share sms-messages, audio and video calls.Each user pays attention to several factors: interface, functions, and additional features, bandwidth consumption.Viber ("Vayber" or "Viber") by the number of users is behind Skype (Skype) and WhatsApp ("Vatsap" or "Votsap").The threshold of 200 million accounts had been made for the first three years of the first company, while the remaining two have achieved success much more slowly.

All calls and messages Viber are free of charge, and in the presence of Wi-Fi for the use of the program you do not pay at all.In areas with 3G network with the balance debited depending on the cost of a megabyte of traffic.For comparison, in addition to the developers WhatsApp fees voice call after a year of use of the program removed $ 1.To Skype for a certain amount of the account owner can make voice calls to a mobile phone.Thus the benefits from Viber much more service and even students are not spending their parents' money.

Bright stickers - what attracts all users

practical side of any program is always in first place, but to take full advantage of the important factor is the availability of animated emoticons.The latest version of Viber over eighty, and as the user application updates are available new sets of labels, some of which are free.Most popular stickers vary in cost from $ 1.99 to 2.19, and on the Desktop (desktop computer), they will be able to download without paying the money at all.

installing its device "Viber" (or "Vayber"), how to start using it, you will understand the first few minutes, and you will not have problems.Service is simple and convenient, which is why millions of users every day to send files, to make voice calls and lead an active correspondence via this messenger.