Cossack ranks, ranks and insignia.

Cossacks have always been fanned by some touch of romance, and many believe the Cossacks someone like knights without fear and reproach of ancient times.However, few people know that they have there is very serious organization and a clear list of titles that are not characteristic of medieval knights.As the ranks and titles were given more to peers in the regular army in Russia.The Cossacks are to receive the title and implied rights and obligations is much reverent than some members of the army.

Cossacks.Rank, rank insignia and

Initially, all the Cossack ranks, ranks and insignia awarded elective way.However, over time, to the extent of formation of Cossack troops and the development of military affairs, they gradually supplemented, and as a result, according to the provision that states the Cossack ranks and chinoproizvodstve, all such distinctions are presented in a convenient, simple and understandable form.This greatly simplified the interaction between the parts of the Cossacks and the regula

r army, and as a consequence - increased combat effectiveness of troops in general.Naturally, this had a positive impact on the spirit of the army, and in the fighting committed together regular and Cossack forces.Despite the fact that many members initially resisted kazachetva similar outcome variables, with time they could not admit of positive properties and change their point of view.Or leave it to yourself, even if stubbornly refused to recognize but do not want to leave the service of the country and the Emperor.

lower ranks

The lowest rank was considered an ordinary Cossack, on the shoulder straps which did not have any lychek.It corresponded to the rank of the ordinary rank and file and had the same responsibilities.Follow him, ASC, was clerk for the pursuit of which sported one's stripes.He matched corporal in conventional forces and perform the same functions.Then came the sergeant, is divided into a junior sergeant, sergeant and senior sergeant.It is similar to a standard Army sergeant and had the same marks of distinction on the shoulder straps.Two junior sergeant's stripes for the three - to sergeant, and one wide - for the senior sergeant.The sergeant is not only consistent with NCO ranks, but also responsible for exactly the same service area.It was decided to contact the constable, "Mr. sergeant" regardless of whether he is a senior or junior.It looked as lower ranks and insignia of the Cossacks of the Russian Empire at that time.

junior ranks

As mentioned above, during the formation of the Cossack army and, as a consequence, the emergence of the need for new titles are gradually increased in number.Thus, the Cossack rank, rank insignia and junior officers were as follows: junior sergeant, sergeant and senior sergeant.It is similar to the modern title of lieutenant.He served as assistant commander in terms of the Cossacks, and all the necessary internal procedures followed.In the junior sergeant's uniform featured a parallel pursuit longest Insignias have been two sergeant along overhead small sprocket and the senior sergeant - three.According to tradition, to the holders of the title (or rank, to be more precise) addressed only as "Mr. sergeant."At the same time it does not matter was younger or older this particular sergeant.

senior ranks

Cossack ranks and insignia senior officers were more varied.These included in ascending order: podhorunzhy, cornet, a centurion, podesaul.Podhorunzhy and cornet were Cossack option of second lieutenant and a lieutenant, and lieutenant - lieutenant.They were responsible for the same elements of the combat capability of Cossack troops, like their counterparts in the regular army.Podesaul served as captain and all had the same rights and obligations as its counterpart in conventional forces.On uniform podhorunzhego was one long, parallel pursuit Insignias, which was located directly on a small star.To him it was decided to apply "Mr. podhorunzhy."At the same cornet long Lychko shared two similar stars, while the centurion had three.In pursuit podesaula adorned just four stars, two of which were separated by a long Insignias and two were right on it.All except podhorunzhego, addressed as "Your Honour".The implication was that all Honour are officers, and the ratio was appropriate.How, indeed, and demand from them, greatly improves upon receipt of more and more titles.

main ranks

Cossack ranks, ranks and insignia higher for the post of Cossacks were made up of Captain, is an analogue of the Major troop sergeant, to perform the duties of lieutenant colonel and a Cossack colonel, who was, in fact, Colonel, with all coming outthis title rights and responsibilities.On the uniform of Captain, as well as in podhorunzhego was one long, parallel pursuit Insignias, but there were no stars.Pogon troop sergeant was decorated with two parallel Insignias and three stars, and on the shoulder straps of the Cossack colonel's stripes were just two, like a troop sergeant, and there was no star at all.The traditional appeal to all the main reasons - your honor.It was the senior officers, who for the most part directly and commanded a large force of the Cossacks as during the conduct of hostilities, as well as in peacetime.

highest rank

Cossack rank, rank insignia and senior officers are presented with just one title - Cossack general.The highest and honorable position in the army, whose orders were the highest priority and non-negotiable.Pogon was absolutely no lychek with two asterisks.At the Cossack ranks and titles, the description of which is given above ends.To date, no changes, this structure has not undergone, and is still the same as many years ago.Cossacks today has a slightly different shape than in ancient times, but they still revere the old tradition and adhere to the code of honor adopted yet long ago.