Battle of Lake Balaton, "Spring Awakening"

Battle of Lake Balaton is considered to be the last significant defensive operation of Soviet troops in World War II.The name of the operation due to the Lake Balaton, which is located in Hungary.

Passed Balaton operation 6-15 March 1945. In it the Soviet armies were involved forces of the 3rd Ukrainian Front.

opposing sides in the battle attended the two main warring parties - the community of anti-Hitler and the Nazi bloc countries.Among them was composed of allied countries that supported the main contributors.

Battle of Lake Balaton: the warring parties and their forces

anti-Hitler coalition

Countries Nazi unit


corps (army)


corps (army)


3rd and 2nd Ukrainian Front (guards, air)


Parts "South "and" E "aircraft from 4th Air Fleet


1st Bulgarian


3rd Hungarian


3rd Yugoslav

total number

400,000 people, 400 tanks, 6,000 guns, 700 aircraft

431000 people, 6,000 guns, 800 tanks and guns850 aircraft, 900 armored personnel carriers

Battle of Lake Balaton was held with equal opportunities with respect to the total number of troops.

Plans parties

Germany and its allies were planning to hold a successful counter-offensive after the winter of 1945, thereby rejecting the Soviet troops across the Danube.In addition, the area was only available in Germany oilfield.Without him, armored and air forces would be deprived of fuel.

assumed command of the German forces break the 3rd Ukrainian Front in parts, causing three hits tank armies.Operations gave the name of "Spring Awakening."

Command of the Soviet Union received information about the plans of the German forces and put troops Ukrainian Front the task of carrying out defensive operations, as well as the defeat of the enemy near Lake Balaton.At the same time I did not stop training march on Vienna.Battle of Lake Balaton was the last large-scale defensive operations of Soviet troops in World War II.

Preparation of anti-Hitler forces for defense

on orders from above 3rd Ukrainian Front began the defensive.We used the experience gained during the Battle of Kursk.Defensive work was performed under the direction of LZKotlyar, who was the chief of the engineering troops.

Particular attention was paid to agreed anti-tank that the enemy was much more.To this end, the area between and Gant.Balaton (83 km) was established more than 60 anti-areas in which the main forces were concentrated artillery.

Much of the success of Soviet troops depended on the timely delivery of fuel and ammunition.Front-line warehouse located on the opposite bank of the Danube (in the east), so it was decided to build a cable-suspended road and a pipeline to transport the fuel.

It is possible to increase the material and technical basis of troops.Before this supply is delivered through the crossing, but to rely on them was not possible because of the spring break-up and the actions of the German aviation.

Balaton operation: fighting events

Wehrmacht offensive began with the night March 6, 1945.The first blows were aimed at the army of Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.Coming succeeded in crossing the river.Drava.They were able to capture two bridgehead.

By 7 am German forces launched an offensive in the next section (the 57th Army).Their further advance was stopped.

After 1 hour and 40 minutes the enemy tank army went to the site of the 3rd Ukrainian Front.It was a major blow Wehrmacht, which was applied between the reservoirs Velence and Lake Balaton.Set in motion the massive tank attacks, they were able to move into the end of the day on the front of 4 km.Also, they were able to seize Sheregeyeshem (reference point).

the morning of March 7 fight at Lake Balaton with a renewed attack of German forces.Command sought vulnerabilities Defense anti-Hitler coalition.At the same time, the Soviet command tried to throw in a timely manner available to a force threatening areas.For two days, the enemy was unable to break through the strategic area, but they were able to break into her at a distance of 7 km.

morning of March 8 upcoming entered the main forces.The fighting did not abate for several days, during which the Wehrmacht troops were able to break through the two lines of defense.However, this success has not been fixed, as in this defense lines of the Soviet forces did not end there.

Within ten days the enemy advanced to 15-30 km, using a large number of tanks.To break through to the Danube they did not succeed, and by March 15 their advance stopped altogether due to lack of necessary reserves.

Battle of Lake Balaton was the last significant onset of the German armed forces during World War II.Repulsed the onslaught of the enemy of the Ukrainian Front went to the offensive, which was aimed at Vienna.


fighting lasted for two weeks with different combat guns, tanks, aircraft, so the loss of life on both sides were impressive.

from the Soviet Union suffered 32 899 people, of whom 8492 died.

Soviet sources indicate that the Wehrmacht lost about 40,000 men and 300 guns, 500 tanks and 200 aircraft.For them, "Spring Awakening" turned into a catastrophic loss.


The Nazi unit failed to complete the task, thus lost a large number of soldiers and military equipment.His forces were weakened and exhausted, with the result that the Soviet forces were able to start a successful offensive on Vienna.

Hungary, World War II for which has been associated with the plans of the Wehrmacht, was liberated from the Nazi unit.