How to photograph the monitor screen: Tips for beginners

Many PC users interested in the question of how to take a picture of the monitor, that is,make a screenshot, which can be used in a variety of presentations, demos, lessons, etc.There are several ways to do this.

One of the options of how to take a picture of the monitor screen is the standard means of the operating system, for example, Windows.This is a very easy way, only need to use the button Print Screen, present on the keyboards of all modern computers and laptops.

If you still do not know how to take a picture of the monitor with this function, follow the instructions a little.As soon as the display shows the need for the snapshot image, ieopen the window you want, program, etc., press Print Screen.This leads to the fact that the image will be in the operating system clipboard.Then you need to take advantage of any available image editor (standard or optional installed), creating a new document.Then just need to insert the clipboard is stored in the resulting image, and then save.
This method allows you to take a snapshot of the entire screen, throughout its area.If you need to, for example, take a photo of only the active window, you must use the key combination "Print Screen + Alt".Thereafter, the image will also be in the clipboard and its further processing is similar to that described above.
If necessary, take a snapshot of a certain part of the screen, you can use special software.There are a lot of different programs designed for this, as free (like "Simple Screenshot", "Magic Screenshot"), and paid ("SnagIt").They provide the user with the most opportunities, such as a selection for picture editing screenshots and others.

Many also wonder about how to make a video screenshot.If you want to make a photo of the monitor screen with the currently playing video, you can use the already-familiar combination of "Print Screen + Alt" at a time when the window media player active.Take a snapshot at the time of reproduction is possible in almost any popular program used to play this type of file.

For example, to get a screenshot of your video in one of the most popular players - Media Player Classic - you can do this: after you run a file press "Pause" ("pause") at a time when playback reaches the desired location.Then perform a File - Save Image (File - Save Image).The resulting image can be saved as .jpg or .bmp format and process as any other.
There is also another interesting way of creating screenshots on the player.Make a photo of several fragments of the video by selecting the option Save Thumbnails (Save miniatures).You can also specify the number of images in a single shot, changing the number of columns / rows and the width of the generated thumbnails.
Now you know how to take a picture of the monitor screen, the active or any of its parts, take a screenshot of the video being played.As you can see, this is no big deal.