How to switch the language of the keyboard in Windows operating systems

One of the main issues raised at the first acquaintance with the PC, is: "How to switch the language on the keyboard?".There are various combinations and methods of performing this operation.It is necessary to choose one that best suits you.

Before you switch the language on the keypad, let's deal with the simpler solution to this problem.Let's start with the language bar.Usually it is on the taskbar in the lower left corner of the monitor screen.Although using a manipulator it may be constricted in any part of the screen.The main element of it - is an indicator of active language.That is, if it is present value En, then currently active keyboard layout is English, and in English it is possible to type a word.If you hover the pointer over the icon and press the left mouse butt

on, you will see a list of installed languages.Further, by moving the pointer on the list, you can select the option for further recruitment.For this example, move the cursor to Ru (Russian), and again press the left mouse button.After that, it will switch to the new language, and the current layout is replaced.

Regardless of the choice of how to change the language (keyboard or mouse) on the bar at the bottom left of the screen will be sure to switch the indicator.And the change will be carried out almost simultaneously with the pressing keys or buttons.Therefore, an indicator switch can indirectly address this element of the interface, which is located on the taskbar.If the change does not occur, you may need to restart your computer.If the restart does not help, you need to seek professional help.Full version of the solution of such problems - is to reinstall the operating system.

change the language on the keyboard can be done by simultaneously pressing a special key combination.The most frequently for these purposes in Windows operating systems use a combination of «Alt» and «Shift» only on the left side of the input device or the «Control» and «Shift» on either side of the peripheral devices.What is involved is a combination of your system unit can be determined by selection.Even if it is not pressed the combination, nothing terrible will happen.If the first does not work, then the second should work.If you installed Windows 7, you can enter a third option to change the language.To do this, press the "~".In any case, a change in one of the layout outlined earlier embodiments is to occur.

Sometimes when you enter the large pieces of text appears quite a big problem.Especially at a time when the text is composed of multiple languages ​​and they often alternate.In this situation, the variant that the desired layout is not active.For example, including English, and the set is in Russian.As a result, this combination will incomprehensible gibberish, and the text will have to dial again.The simplest and most effective solution to this problem may be the installation of a component such as switching program language.The most famous product of this class - this is Punto Switcher.It is important to understand one thing - it should include only while working with office applications.Otherwise, in the browser, for example, may be the wrong password is entered using this software tool, and you can lose access to your e-mail box.

which option to choose and how to switch the language on the keyboard or the mouse Must-solving by the user, based on their habits.If is easier and faster to use the Language bar, and a manipulator, it is better to do so.And if you like a special key combination - it is also a good choice.