How is the Install Mac OS from a flash drive

Dear owners of devices "apple" of the company, this article is written for you.If your ah-poppy or poppy-beech will not load the operating system, now you will learn how to quickly and efficiently produced Install Mac OS from a USB drive."Why stick?"- You ask.And everything is very simple.

Just think, fair to say that the era of de-vie di and, especially, CDs living out its last days.Progress does not stand still.And time passed during these drives, it's time to learn how to Install Mac OS comes with flash.In this process there are a number of obvious advantages.Firstly, it is much faster.Second, you no longer need to rummage through their closets and drawers, as well as to puzzle over where zapropastilsya installation disc.

much easier.Create for yourself installation stick.Put it in a safe place, if necessary, to always know where it is.Now I'll detail how the installation of Mac OS X from a USB drive.

So for that we need to fulfill several conditions.First, you need a computer or laptop com

pany "Apple" (ah-poppy or poppy-book).Without them, you just do not get.If you have something of this is available, then you will have to get a removable flash drive (USB flash drive).Its size should not be less than eight gigabytes.Well, to Install Mac OS from a USB drive has been successfully carried out, you will need to purchase the appropriate distribution of the system.If all you have prepared, then you can start.

The first thing we do is convert our stick in the boot.To do this, go to your distribution and find another file called "InstallESD.dmg".To do this, right-click on the icon Install Mac OS X the catalog of Contents, then SharedSupport, there you will see the desired file.After that, you must mount the disk image.It's enough just double click on this file, create the image you will find on your desktop.

To Install Mac OS from a USB drive can be implemented in this manner, it is necessary to make the correct formatting.Insert the removable device to the port, and then open Disk Utility, which is located in the appropriate folder.On the left, select your flash drive and click "Delete."Just do it carefully.After selecting a different machine, you risk losing all the information.As a file system, you must choose Mac OS Extended.If you wish, assign a name for this volume.Again, press "Clear".

When the procedure is completed, we will prepare the flash drive on which you want to restore your previously created image.In the same utility on the left select your device again, only this time click "Restore."Drag the Source installation image, and in another field, called Destination, - distribution.Check your action and click "Restore."

is, in principle, and all.Now you can download your device by holding down the options.So you get into the menu to select the boot disk.Is it possible to install Mac OS on a USB flash drive?Yes of course.But that's a topic for another article.