How to set up a network between two computers: instructions for beginners

Today in this article we will consider how to set up a network between two computers.Perhaps you have already tried to do something similar.This article will describe the easiest method to perform this operation.We should immediately say that you do not need to have any advanced knowledge.Simply in order to carry out all the steps instructions.So, then, you'll learn how to set up a network between two computers.


This method uses only one component.Namely - the "twisted pair".This cable is very inexpensive and can be purchased at any specialized shop.As a rule, the minimum length is approximately 1.5 m, and can reach 90 m. In the first place you need to buy just such a cable.Also, to establish a network between two computers, have to be installed in both the network card PC.All components can be purchased at any electronics store.If all items are available, then you can proceed to the consideration of the instructions.


Turn on both your computer and connect them with a

cable.The ends of the wires you need to connect to the network card.After these steps on both the PC will be a new local area network.Now we need to make some of its settings:

  1. Go to "Control Panel" - open "window to view the status ..." - "Change adapter settings".
  2. Here you will see a window where you will be given all the connections that are currently active.
  3. please select "Local Area Connection".Click on the shortcut, right-click, then select "Properties".If you have several of them, in most cases you will need to select the connection, which will be after the name of a figure with a large face value.
  4. Locate the "Internet Protocol Version 4 (or 6)."Select it and press the "Properties".
  5. Enter a new IP-address format 192.168.XXThe first two values ​​always remain the same.The latter two can be changed at will.It is recommended not to use the IP-addresses, where the values ​​of the numbers end in 1 or 2, as they are used by standard means.

more information

Previously, you learned how to set up a network between two computers, but in some situations it may be necessary to connect more than two devices.In such cases, already did not manage with only one cable.You need to buy a special router.This device allows the distribution network between several PCs.The number of connected computers limited number of slots in the router.It is possible to use several of these devices to connect more PCs.


There is nothing complicated about to make a network between two computers.As you can see, you need a minimum investment of money and little time to configure the system.The main thing, before the connection test the computer network adapter card.This can be done through standard means of "Device Manager."If the card is in the list, it means that everything is fine.I hope you understand this article, how to set up a network between two computers.