How to make the girl to offer her to remember it all your life?

Love - a wonderful feeling that inspires a man makes him the all-powerful, and ready for feats.So you want to be together forever in love, not to be separated, I wake up early in the morning in each other's arms and fall asleep in the same bed.And of course the finale any beautiful tale of love, or rather a new phase of relations - a family.But before the family is created, the guy has to make a proposal to a girl - his beloved.It was only after her consent can begin to plan for the future life together - the life of a married couple.

Today, modern youth, particularly boys, are not particularly attach importance to how to make a girl a proposal.Many believe a marriage proposal - too banal, even old-fashioned tradition and is usually limited to the question: "Do not marry us."It sounds mundane, gray and even not attractive.

And there are guys who do not just know how to make a girl a proposal, but also embody the wildest fantasies and organize an unforgettable recognition for their loved ones.And

now this guy wants to applaud.After the marriage proposal is remembered in love for a lifetime.These memories will warm, to give happiness to reconcile in cases of quarrels or misunderstandings.Even ignite slightly extinct feelings possible if we remember how he once made an offer his girlfriend.

Also of note is the fact that all of the girls (even very brutal at first glance) at heart romantic nature.This is especially true of love and feelings.They childhood dream that one day for them priskachet white stallion handsome prince and will take her away with him to his fairy kingdom.And I must say, in this story believe the girl, even when quite adult.

How to make a proposal to the girl that she remembered those moments?How about to consider a few options?Perhaps some idea and will attract!

The most traditional way to confess his love and ask his beloved hand - is to talk about their feelings and tell of intent during a romantic date, and dinner by candlelight.Yes, the idea of ​​battered.But, as practice shows, the girls delighted when the waiter brings them a covered dish with a surprise inside or dessert, in which they discover a ring that symbolizes their engagement.

If the restaurant - not the right place, it is perfect for a declaration of love deserted street, park or public garden.It is here, down on one knee, a guy can say the main words.And only the starry sky and the moon will be witnessing the beginning of a new family.If

traditional and customary declaration of love is not attractive, then you can think about how to make a girl a proposal outside the box.For example, as in the old days, to arrange a concert under her window and sing a serenade.Yes, this recognition will certainly be noticed neighbors, and not everyone will accept the good intentions of the young man, who, in addition to the favorite, also half of the house woke up.But does it matter?The main thing that favorite sleeping do not mix, the answer to such words.

It also happens that the guy is too shy.It would seem, has been quite a long time, he meets and takes care of the beloved, but to say a few key words or think about how to make a girl a proposal for a terrible Flood.Then you need a trick.For example, try to turn serious recognition in the comic.Moreover, the girl probably already guessed about recognition.So send her an invitation to his own wedding with a ring attached without specifying the date, and then specify on which number it wants to schedule a solemn event.

Well, if all the proposed methods - not fit, then it is better to own a little string up and come up with how to make a girl a proposal.Especially because the beloved best knows what she wants and how waiting to hear word from the main favorite.Only need to remember that you need to say the words with a pure soul and no less chaste thoughts.After all, this begins the road to the future life of lovers.