"Aragvi" - Cognac Gourmet

Georgia - a wonderful country.At the mention of her come to mind associations such as hospitality, barbecue, dance, recreation, and, of course, Georgian brandy "Aragvi".Without this drink does not do any feast in Georgia, and in many countries abroad.

little history

Georgia is famous for long history of grape growing and, as a consequence, efficient winemaking.Production history of cognac "Aragvi" has more than a half century.Developing technical progress, improved agriculture, which affects the development of technologies for the production of alcoholic beverages.Peak of wine accounted for 9-12 century.

Various reasons have led to the decline of agriculture and viticulture.After a long lull in the middle of the 15th century began to rise Georgian culture began to develop the social, political and economic ties with the outside world.It has beneficial effect on the rise and a new stage of development of the industry.In the mid-19th century, it organized the first brandy production in the provin

ce of Kutaisi.There is a river Aragvi, which gave the name cognac.

production technology

Cognac is made from a different grape alcohol exposure and age.Generally 3 to 5 years.Dry wine material is distilled and filtered to give rich blend.

He goes into oak barrels in which infuses and absorbs beautiful woody and saturated oak extracts and nutrients, which gives it a unique flavor and color.By such simple enough, but quite expensive manipulations obtained famous "Aragvi" - brandy, which is one of the most expensive alcoholic beverages.Its rich taste and useful properties put a drink in a number of elite.

tradition dating brandy

«Aragvi" - Cognac quite useful and pleasant taste.It is important to choose foods that are not only not spoil it, but also be able to enhance the flavor.It is worth paying attention to what is best snack proud drink.We know that it is a precious gift to the celebration, a kind of luxury item and a sign of good taste and flavor.This cognac is made to use in a circle of close friends for a leisurely conversation, enjoying every sip and tasting like it.

connoisseurs are willing to share a few tips "drinking" cognacs

  • Create the appropriate atmosphere."Aragvi" - brandy, for which the situation plays an important role.Of course, I use it at home kitchen will spoil the taste, but the impression of him and the perception of something mysterious in the interior will dissipate.
  • glasses.Any drink should be poured into an appropriate container.This will help to strengthen the quality and great pleasure to guests."Aragvi" (brandy) is no exception.
  • correct appetizer.Or rather its absence.Cognac - a kind of dessert drink, the use of which implies that everything is already full.If, however, there is such a need, it is better to submit to a table with a light meal of durum cheese, fruit.

Many fans admit the main and quite a common mistake - a snack cognac lemon.It can not be done.Lemon has a fairly strong, rich aroma and taste, so momentarily blunts the smell and taste of this noble drink.

«Aragvi» - brandy, which reviews are mostly positive, and more enthusiastic.Getting to know him leave fond memories and give a pleasant feeling.Food lovers will appreciate the wonderful, noble bouquet of this amazing drink that is considered to be the hallmark of Georgia.