A dog and a stun gun.

modern people daily exposed to many dangerous and aggressive animals - not the least of them.Dog attacks occur too often, nimble, fast dogs - serious opponents to humans.Will the dog is self-defense against a device like an electric shock?

cope if shocker with animals?

Modern electric shocks - a very powerful weapon.Shockers are used for self-defense, as well as - to repel the aggressors.Assuming a sufficiently high voltage, they can easily cope with people.

What a dog different from the human body?From the viewpoint of electricity - anything but the size and weight.If you can squeeze the device class I power to the body of the animal and hold the discharge at least 3 seconds - you may well be able to deprive the enemy of consciousness.

However, the difficulty is precisely to get closer to the dog, but do not become a victim of his teeth.The confrontation with the dog is almost always accompanied by injuries and other unpleasant moments.Therefore, if the attack did not happen suddenly, it is best t

o first try to scare off the animal.

deters stun effect

widely known that the spark gaps have a certain psychological effect.In Yekaterinburg, buy stun everyone can, however, statistics tell us that dog attacks occur almost daily, and sometimes these devices do not save them.Why is this happening?

The thing is that not all shockers - equally good scares.Their effect depends on several factors:

  • frequency sparking.Low-frequency devices operating in the range of 50-100 Hz, publish distinct crackling sound of a shocker with a frequency of 100 Hertz like a buzzing.Dogs much more frightening high-frequency sounds.
  • volume.The volume depends on the power.The most powerful stunners crack at 90-100 dB.The pain threshold of human - 120 dB, it is lower in dogs as their hearing is more sensitive.
  • voltage.High-voltage devices give more distinct, bright arc that frightens animals and from the discharge into the air is released more ozone - a gas smell is unpleasant to everyone without exception the animals!

And do not forget that you can only scare away the dog from a distance - typically 10-15 meters.If you are holding the device I class power - the probability that the dog is scared and retire back home, very great!