The agenda for the army.

agenda in the army in Russia - this is not just an official paper from the recruiting office with a call to come back in time.It is also an occasion to stress, as most people do not know what to expect in the future and how to behave in such a situation.

Army service

In Russia call to be men between 18 and 27 years, found fit for military service and have no deferral.One can argue endlessly about whether or not to go into the army or the need to make every effort to ensure that in any case there will not get there.But in fact, every man in our country is obliged to register in the military, and on reaching the draft age or after a delay to give back to the motherland.

Who can come agenda

agenda in the army can come to any male citizen between the ages of 16 to 50 years.But the reasons for the call can be different:

1. Primary accounting.This means that the young person has reached 16 years of age and enlistment office puts it on the record.Nothing wrong here, anyone under 18 years in the ar

my did not take.

2. To clarify personal data.Military enlistment office - is primarily a giant Chancellery and settle here information about each man.Sometimes information needs to be clarified, for example, by changing the place of residence, work or in the presence of typos and inaccuracies in the certificate.

3. The agenda of the army for a medical examination or other activities associated with it.

4. Passage of the draft board.As an outcome of the decision on appeal, the direction of alternative service, exemption from conscription and so on. D.

5. Passage of the draft board before being sent to the place of military service or alternative service.

specific reason is given in the agenda.

agenda army

sample (or blank) agenda in the army must meet certain form prescribed by the Ministry of Defence.Sometimes the mailbox specially fake throw a challenge to the draft board, so you need to carefully examine all the information on paper.

So, it looks like a summons to the army?This is a small list, usually less than A4 (size may vary), which should be written in your name and address and the reason for appearance before the draft board.All this is assured by the personal signature of the military commissioner.Below is a return back - it you have to sign, and thereby confirm the receipt of the summons.To appear on the primary account provided another form.It is characterized by a detailed list of documents that must be brought to the draft board.It includes a passport, birth certificate, proof of residence and place of study (work), certificate of marital status, 4 photos, document on education and health status, qualification certificate (for those who have a sports category).

How handed agenda

When it summons the army, who will present it?Terms call for military service stipulated: from 1 April to 15 July and from 1 October to 31 December.Time shifted only for certain citizens of Russia, in particular for residents of the Far North, young people engaged in the planting and harvesting, and teachers.Agenda mass start handing the beginning of the call.However, this only applies to those who are called to active duty.If the reason for the different appearance of the draft board, the paper may come to be in your mailbox any day.

Now on to the receipt.The agenda of the army, thrown into the mailbox, does not impose any obligation on the recruit, as no one can prove that he really got it.Therefore, you can ignore this piece of paper, which, however, does not release from the call - you still try to inform, but through more effective ways, such as through the police.The agenda for the army to be handed to the addressee by hand special authorized person.If it is passed through a third party, it also has no power.

punishment for evading conscription

evasion of military service may be committed not only by the absence in the commissariat without a good reason, but the infliction of bodily harm, fraud, forgery of documents and so on.. All these actions lead toPenalty: a fine of 200 to 500 minimum wages, or in the amount of 2 to 5 monthly wages, arrest for a term from three months to six months imprisonment for up to 2 years.Tough measures are usually used only for malicious deviators.

How to dodge without violating the law

What if received a summons to the army?First of all, you need to analyze the situation.If you are not subject to appeal, and you have a legitimate postponement, which does not end any day, you were not in danger, and the draft board cause you to clarify some information.In any case, please read the document - there is reason to appear available, and it helps orient.Although sometimes in the military cunning, and a young man, instead of verification of documents, hits the survey with all its consequences.

Yet we must understand that to ignore a summons to the army will not work - it works only when the draft board you really are not interested.In all other cases it is necessary to solve the problem: to look for opportunities to delay, for example, go to the hospital for examination, or to go to college.Men who have not solved the situation with the service in the Armed Forces will have the problem even after reaching 27 years of age.But more on that later.

What if received a summons for military training

People who have served, believes that it is the duty given to the motherland, and the state does not have anything against them.However, there is also a military training: the month in tents in camp conditions, paid according to your monthly earnings, plus a small bonus from the state.Some people really like this kind of life, but most men
Army after getting married, having children, making a career and have no desire to break away from this life.So, what to do if received a summons for military training?Firstly, it can be easy to ignore if it came in the mail, but was not delivered by hand - no one can prove that you received it.These papers are sent to many more people than really necessary, so there's a chance that the group will gain without you.

If the draft board showed too much attention to you, then you need to go to hospital.The easiest way to call an ambulance directly to the house and ask you to be hospitalized, if, of course, there is reason, therefore, there is a good reason for the failure to appear.

Tougher laws

It would seem that the measures are enough hard.However, they are ineffective, since evasion must prove.Most guys holed up in the country, with friends and family or even go outside.And in the home of a citizen is not allowed to enter even a police officer without a valid reason.Hence the idea for a long time hovering oblige themselves be recruits for subpoenas.I do not come?So Objector, and he will be punished by law.Many believe this approach is correct, but a much larger number of officials found the idea very dangerous, so innovation is still pending.The second possible tightening - evaders will not take the civil service.However, it is likely that this initiative "strangle".After all, if the majority of Russian officials will have to send the sons and nephews in the army before they sit down to some cozy armchair.