Bleeding shoulder: and exercise program

shoulders - most probably a problem of the body of an athlete.They are difficult to bleeding and require the correct approach.This training will allow the body to visually expand the shoulders.And stress relief biceps and triceps.In addition, the pumping will help strengthen the shoulder ligaments, which will reduce the risk of injury of the shoulder joint.

Features training process

Shoulder deltoid muscle forms, it creates three interconnected beam front, middle (medial) and back.Herein lies the main difficulty of training, it is impossible to equally affect all three beams simultaneously.

Bleeding shoulder consists of basic exercises and insulation.Basic exercises will include the work of two or three beams at once and can use the auxiliary, trapezius muscle.Isolation exercises give the burden exclusively on a single beam.In terms of anatomy exercise for the shoulders is a vertical mode.

basic exercises Basic exercises to pump arms following:

  • standing barbell bench press;
  • military press;
  • breeding dumbbells standing;
  • bench Arnold;
  • thrust rod to the chin.

Among isolation for the front delts stands out:

  • lifting dumbbells in front of you;
  • bench because of the head.

Task front delts - allocating hand in hand with respect to the body and lifting front of the body.Therefore, front delts are involved in almost all the exercises where you need to press the weight.

For the average beam:

  • breeding dumbbells through the parties;
  • vertical thrust block in the simulator.

task beam - ups of hands through the sides.Therefore, it can use any presses sitting.

for rear beam:

  • vertical rod lying on his stomach;
  • reverse breeding in the simulator.

Task rear beam - allocating hand back.Therefore, all the exercises associated with the draft will include the work of the rear beams.This is due to the fact that when properly executed exercise your elbows will always be retracted.

Training at home

Bleeding arms at home is real with the right approach.It is worth to recall the once horizontal bars and parallel bars.You can also spend a little bit and buy the dumbbells that will significantly improve your results.You can still use normal push-ups.To load was more make partial lowering to the floor, you can put your feet up on a chair that will reduce the range of motion.The wider setting of hands, the greater the working medium beam deltas, respectively, while the narrow-grip will involve the front beams.

The Dips force is due to the static load.Get down as low as possible and make sharp minor upgrades.

If training will seem too easy, add weight material - a normal backpack.It can also be used instead of dumbbells.

Bleeding shoulders dumbbell

Turning to the exercise with dumbbells, just worth noting their advantage over the bar.Due to the fact that each arm operates separately, it is possible to work specifically on the right part of the delta.Next will be considered an example of a complex exercise with dumbbells, which is suitable not only for beginners:

  1. Lifting dumbbells in front of you.Lift can be either simultaneously or alternately.Initially, the weights are near the hips.Torso straightening your elbows slightly bent, hands in this position should be held before the end of the exercise.During the beginning of recovery hold your breath for breath, until the lower arms to the starting position.Dumbbells lift slightly above the shoulders or on their height.Do not throw the dumbbell sharply down, hold them at shoulder height for 2-3 seconds.For greater load on the front beams are used on top of the grip.

  2. Breeding dumbbells in hand.On the inhale, hold your breath, raise your hands to the sides.Breathe out when the dumbbells are at shoulder height.Without fixing in the starting position, start a new upsurge.Exercise done with an average weight and a measured pace.

  3. Breeding dumbbells in the slope.Technique is the same as in the dilution standing.The only difference is that it is necessary to lean forward as much as possible parallel to the floor, legs slightly bent, elbows slightly bent arms, the back should remain straight during the exercise.

  4. Bench Arnold.The exercise is performed on a bench with a back.Bend your elbows and raise your hands vertically to a height of neck, hands, turn the palms to her.On the inhale, hold your breath.Begin to raise your hands vertically.When the weights are above the head, palms outward, expand the brush.Straighten your arms fully, exhale and inhale to slowly lower the dumbbells in a reverse order.When lowering the dumbbells should calculate the speed of rotation of the hands so that the palms at shoulder level again been deployed inside.

  5. Press of dumbbells sitting.Technique exercises similar to zhimom Arnold difference is in the initial position of dumbbells, hand position is the same, only the dumbbells are raised to eye level, palms facing outward.From this position the hands are straightened and locked for a few seconds when picked up at the midpoint.Rotate the brush in this exercise is not required.

Training on the bar

Bleeding shoulders on the bar is very effective.It must be remembered that at the time of pull-ups act as a delta muscle helpers.Since the main task of the delta - show of hands, the greatest effort will be applied in the middle of the lift on the crossbar.Therefore best suited partial pull right and middle enough.

  • pullups direct, medium grip.Legs crossed, knees slightly bent.When the lifting of the blade should be kept in peak position upper chest must touch the crossbar.After lowering the arms straight.The back should be tense throughout the exercise to avoid rocking.

  • Partial reverse grip pull-ups.Tightens be up to the middle of your recovery.Upon reaching the midpoint in this position and try to lock the lift the collarbone, as if shrugging.
  • narrow reverse grip pullups.When lifting the shoulders back and should take to reduce the blade.At the top of the bar should touch the breast.

example of an effective training program

pumping arms:

  • push-ups (as a starter) - 1 approach to the onset of fatigue.
  • Lifting dumbbells in front of you - 8-12 reps for 4 sets.
  • Breeding dumbbells in hand - 8-12 reps for 4 sets.
  • Breeding dumbbells in the slope - 8-12 reps for 4 sets.
  • Arnold Bench press or dumbbell sitting - 8-12 reps for 4 sets.
  • From pull-ups in one workout is best to choose one kind of approach and make a few at the beginning and end of the session.
  • Finish can also be one approach, push-ups until the complete exhaustion.

Rest between sets for about 1 minute, ideally 30-40 seconds.


weight dumbbells should be comfortable for you to choose, so you can do 8-12 reps with the condition that the latest iteration will be given by force.If the exercises are easy, it is necessary to increase the weight of the weights.

The first is to hone the technique exercises and then increase the operating weight and the weight of weights.Push-ups and pull-ups should be carried out at a rapid pace.Working with dumbbells, on the contrary, it should be carried out in a dimensional pace.

Training is not necessary to carry out daily, enough 3-4 times a week, your muscles need rest.