Stones Lvov: what are they?

Each zodiac sign has its stones that are not just fit.Stones Lvov, for example, give them the missing qualities, as well as emphasize the advantages.What are these stones?In fact, lions are not so much, so remember the stones and their properties will not be difficult.Analyzing stones Lviv, it should be noted that they all - red or yellow.Of course, there are exceptions, but the fact remains.What he prefers Leo?Stone on a horoscope - it's good but best of all, when a person chooses a mascot, not because it is written, but because he likes him.

So stones Lviv - almost always precious and semiprecious stones.How else, after all Lion - King of the tip of the nose to the tips of the nails, claws.One of the most regal of stones - ruby.It is not surprising that he Lions fits perfectly.Above all appreciated, of course, ruby ​​red and carmine.It gives the holder the passion cooled awakens the senses.It would seem, what does the Lions?With that rubies are ideal for those who aimed at public recognition who wan

t to attract attention and command respect, and that is exactly what all my heart tend Lions of all ages, regardless of gender.Rubin has another interesting feature: it gives the media work ethic and teaches a more balanced decisions, not to be afraid of responsibility.Lions and many just do not have enough ability to take responsibility for their actions.If we talk about the healing properties of rubies, this stone has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular and circulatory system, relieves depression, delusions and helps to fight stress.For the Lions is very important, because they are like no other are prone to depression.

Enumerating Stones Lvov, it should be noted, and coil.Despite the fact that many Lions snakes do not like the stone they fit almost perfectly.The man who wears the coil becomes wiser and more sensible, and this is exactly what is often lacking in regal lions.The coil is ideal for the lioness, because it gives the woman wearing it, a dominant role in the family, which again corresponds to the nature of the sign.Also coil helps make the mind more flexible, improves memory of the owner.

Other Stones Lvov - topaz and amber.Let us examine them in more detail.Topaz - stone of inner illumination.It helps a person to enjoy life, encouraging and fights depression.Lioness Topaz will emphasize their beauty, and the Lions will provide the necessary wisdom.In addition, Topaz - an excellent guardian against the evil eye and spoilage, according to esotericism.

Which stone Leo is another talisman than those listed?They are perfect amber, sometimes called forest tears, because it is not a stone, and frozen gum trees.Amber is like yellow or almost black, but now appears amber colored blue and green tones.Lions is right for the stones yellow and red hues.Amber as topaz, owner gives optimism, helps fight depression, keeps health (both physical and mental).Of course, there are other Lions Stones-mascots, but it is above minerals suit them most.