Lessons practical astrology: Leo Compatibility with other signs of the zodiac

¬ęPeople meet, people fall in love ..." In the 70s-80s.already past the 20th, century was such a popular song.The hero of her lamented the fact that he could not find the girl of his dreams.Sadly, of course.But there is always hope that one day these things happen momentous event.But what if it already happened?The two found each other in this bustling world.Found - but do not know how durable can be their union.In this case, one remains: to seek clues to the astrologer.And we consider such an option when one of the pair was born under the sign of Leo.

When Leo - man

Lion Compatibility with other signs often depends on whether a man or woman in question.The representatives of the strong half of humanity, "the kings to the battle field", in the apt words of Marina Tsvetaeva, in the home and personal life male lions enough to justify their terrible name.As a rule, they are soft and sentimental, romantic and tender, inclined to forgive its windy friends and give them affection ardent passionate heart.

Often they make typical henpecked - such a sad pattern.

  • considering the compatibility of Leo with the other zodiac signs, you should first pay attention to the union with a female Aries.Astrologers tend to think of a pair of near-perfect.Of course, the relationship will need some correction: Ovnihi should not suppress her lover, but on the contrary, often to show him respect, let us understand how it is important to his opinion, advice, etc.Men of this constellation, alas, are weak.And if a woman is wise, it will emphasize its power (and yet her boyfriend will gain!), The way she needs it.In this scenario, it is a man-lion worship, to anticipate the slightest desire to bring their lives together such a bright spark of happiness, which is enough both for years to come.Reverse the pattern of behavior will result in compatibility with other signs of Leo, Aries and first of all, to disastrous results.So it is better not to experiment!
  • less stable and more productive would be meeting a man born under the royal constellation Taurus, with the lady.Their love is like a bright comet flashed: passionate meeting, courting beautiful, expensive gifts.But all this practical Taurus will soon tire.And so it is better to meet from time to time to paint the drab everyday life.Here with such nuance seems possible compatibility with other signs of Leo, in particular with Taurus!
  • The main thing to remember ladies, whose life is faced with "big cats" - not to express their unfounded claims not to criticize harshly, do not be impatient and tactless.Women are strong-willed, too temperamental, business, a kind of "vumen" simply afraid of the man-lion.Compatible signs such as Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer, Libra, with him will be very successful and long-term, unless they really want to be with this man, and try to take into account the nuances of his character.

Her Majesty Lionesses

And now - a female lion.Compatibility with other signs due to such features lady born under this constellation, as the authoritativeness and intolerance, rigidity, energy, multiplied by the fire.Simply put, it is the male lion on the contrary.With representatives of his element in these ladies can happen surprisingly bright, beautiful novel, but only as long as they are blinded to each other.And once in a relationship vkradutsya elements of prose, once the competition begins.Although, if you offer to give a pair of fighting, they can warm up to the end of the life of love for each other.You should not try to build a lioness something serious with male virgins, Aquarius, Gemini - they are not "bend" under her cool, changeable nature.But with the other characters, a soft and flexible, very possible.However, in all tandems almost without exception, it will lead.

That such an alignment of compatibility give stars Lions.