The range of goods.

range of products - a set of products that are grouped according to certain characteristics.All of them are subjected to detailed classification.This product is distributed by types on the product group followed subgroups and position.The main features for which there is a distribution are consumers, raw materials and production.

classification of the products that make up the range of

The Group product range includes products that are produced and manufactured agricultural, industrial and other enterprises.Such enterprises produce goods specialization that enables them to implement and improve the technology used in the production.Therefore, to consider the requirements of trade, it is necessary to perform podsortirovku.It can be carried out on wholesale depots, and already sells in the store.

The group trading range includes products intended to be sold in the retail network.The entire range of products in this group is divided into food and non-subgroup.Each of them, in turn, classified acco

rding to the industry sector and products are grouped together on various grounds and criteria.Classification

complex assortment of goods in its structure and includes a plurality of components.Thus, products are classified according to the material of manufacture of consumer goods, basic properties, complexity, the frequency of supply and so on.The range incorporates the concept of groups, subgroups, species, varieties, brand, type and name.

If classified range with respect to the scope, then the following types:

- is simple: a small group of products that can meet the needs of a limited number of customers;

- complex: a large group, which may include several groups, species and varieties of goods to satisfy a significant demand for them;

- Group: united by common attributes homogeneous products to satisfy customer needs similar;components of this type are vintage and varietal range of goods;

- expanded: several homogenous groups that differ according to individual characteristics;

- Related: support group;

- mixed: different groups of products that are distinguished by their diversity.

Features of the formation of the product range

Appointment management processes, planning, and control of the product range is a timely offers producers of certain products that satisfy specific customer demand.This is due to the fact that in every market there is competition.Win it and makes the operation of the enterprise successful and profitable.

Before making the formation of the range of goods, it is necessary to develop a unified concept assortment.It involves the construction of an optimal structure of production, which will, on the one hand, to meet the demand of customers, on the other hand, allows efficiently and without loss of use of resources of the enterprise, competing favorably with other market participants.

range of products is characterized by parameters such as:

- Latitude (all products are presented in the company);

- harmony (the closeness of articles in various assortment groups, with respect to their use, production, distribution, and so on. D.);

- saturation (the amount of goods, which is the range);

- depth (product variations within a single group).

planning process involves the optimal use of existing materials and resources, turning into the products that the company is able to make a profit, and will also have strong demand in the consumer market.