Financial relationship

With the development of modern market relations Russian finance is becoming increasingly important in the implementation of national, social and, of course, the economic policy of our state.The relationships that arise in the sphere of economic activities of the state and regulated by special rules are called "financial relationship".

This form of public relations is an inherent part of the market economy.Developing financial relationship cause the expansion of the economic activity of the country.Namely, organized by specialized government agencies such as the Federal Treasury, the Ministry of Taxes and Duties, the Pension Fund and others.Improving legislation and methods of economic activity, every time there are new types of financial relationships.They are clearly distinguished two elements: a property and public overbearing.Since economic activity is at its base a state acts, the use of funds inherent in the nature of the property.

As a result of the economic activity of the country there ar

e relationships that do not need regulation.But only a financial relationship give focus and reflect the content of the said activity.Therefore, without an economic activity at all possible.

Consider the financial relationship, their features and types.Main Features:

  1. They appear as a result of the economic activity of the country.
  2. They have to present the subject, which is the highest organ of state or local authority.
  3. main reason they occur - this is money (national income or consumption, etc.).

These features distinguish from other financial relationships.Thus, when the administrative violations in the culprit impose fines.But they do not participate in the state's economic activity, and exists only to punish the guilty.Therefore, this kind of relationship is regulated by administrative law, rather than financial.

On the basis of the content of the material are the following options for financial relationships:

- tax;

- budget;

- credit (bank or government);

- insurance;

- calculations that regulates the financial rules;

- regulating the circulation of money and, of course, the currency legislation.

to stop financial relationships often are the following grounds:

  1. use of budget allocations.
  2. repayment of money due to payment obligations at the right time the necessary amount or collection of overdue payment (arrears).
  3. use of specialized bodies of its rights under the addition of tax arrears.
  4. End relations with the population of taxes takes place when a person reaches a certain age, for example as a result of recruitment, retirement.

Financial and legal relationships tend to occur on the basis of an individual legal entity (such as a notice addressed to the financial body of the citizen, that he has to pay a certain tax) or legal regulation (host every year the law on the federal budget).

affect the financial and legal relations only if there is a change of facts or events specified in the regulatory act.Currently, the economic legislation in Russia is unstable, so it is necessary to constantly monitor the changes that are made to the content of the financial institutions law.