Tell us the dream book, the lights burn in my dreams for what?

believes the dream book, the lights are a symbol of the desire to obtain vital energy.Without it, life becomes bleak and dim.It is also believed that the fire symbolizes the creative energy of the person in any form.

Dreams: wandering lights

If you wander in darkness and in the distance you can see the twinkling lights, it means you do not have enough knowledge for self-realization.Perhaps you even now can not imagine what you need.But your brain is already trying to bring your mind to a new path that will lead to the full realization of your talents.Listen to the subconscious.You need to devote more time to obtain a new, totally familiar information you need.If you went to the twinkle in his vision, then your way to innovation will not be too long, so says the dream book.

Interpretation of Dreams: fire

If the flame, seen you, not burned, and warmed and illuminated the way to you, then you are in the favorable conditions for its development.Furthermore, this dream means that next to you is very

reliable people.They will help you in any situation.If you - the money will help when needed - heat will warm their hearts.It is very bad when you get burned, says the dream book.Lights, bringing pain, portend disaster.Did you suffer much from their irrepressible curiosity, which is issued for curiosity.

Dreams: City Lights

If you wander through the streets and admired consider bright illumination, then your life is deprived of as the greatest challenges and significant achievements.While you are in search of opportunities to raise to the top of success.Most of all, your condition may be described as "contemplation."For this position you have a good reason, but the advice is: do not stay a long time at this stage of the journey.Choose a business like and begin to act.Life - the achievement of objectives.Let it be small but will make you come out of his stupor and start moving!If you see from the lights with a sense of longing, then your life is no love.Perhaps you yourself have not learned how to give it to others.Start with yourself!Let such a trifle as a gift to others sincere smile, you will become the rule.This will be the first small step towards a great feeling.

Dreams: Kindle Fire

If you are trying to light a fire, then you are ready to start a new business.As you have the zeal, which corresponds to great achievements, said the dream book.Lights, lit in a dream symbolizes your desire for vigorous action.The delay in this case do not bear fruit, and only alienate you from achieving the goal.For beautiful ladies dream of kindling a flame symbolizes their desire to find a warm nest, where there will be a reliable defender and gay kids.If the family of a woman already is, then the procedure established in it, it does not satisfy.Her coldness inhibits the spouse or children were often upset my mother.Here advice is this: they try to change the situation.Maybe this is your permanent employment was the reason for cooling.Not nearly enough is your heat.