Improbable dream: why and what dreams worm?

Simple earthworm - a common phenomenon.And he dreams to the most basic things: it shows your relationship to everyday life.And what do you do with it?If you looked - is one thing, but if pressed - it is a different story!

What dreams worm rain

This image tells you that you are coming pleasant chores, even a very joyful journey.This is the case if the worms do not cause you irritation or disgust.Just crawling through the grass?So you became an object of cursing.Do not worry.Soon gossipers forget about you, because someone else will cause their interest.To press the earthworm in a dream - a sign that you are too jealous.Your imagination is playing with you a very bad joke.You are angry and worried, which adversely affects the person who is absolutely nothing wrong.Such a situation can lead to the breakdown of relationships.And it you nowhere.Dreaming of a worm?Understand this advice - learn to trust!If a worm crawled out of the ground, but was frightened and hid, and you saw him only briefly, then v

ictory over enemies around the corner!Be brave to the last point in the feud was one step!

What dreams worm Body

terrible vision!Nothing but disgust, it does not usually cause.If the worm is living in your body, which means you can become seriously ill.There are other interpretations of this dream, but they are all negative.Girls worms on the body are advised not to get involved in the pursuit of material.Very soon, you will get what want, but, alas, not the desired state will make you happy!You will realize that there are other than of gold and other valuables, which now you should try!Why dream of a worm on a man's body?This image also does not promise anything positive.You are waiting for the losses.Well, if you dream you will be able to get rid of parasites, then the suffering will not last long.Soon you will restore their position.A multi-colored parasites what dream?White Worms - to retreat from the spiritual path, black - to losses.Individuals green - trouble will turn with laughter, red - to the breakdown, blue - to cold.

What dreams worm eating

See that your enjoyment of the meal on the table violated the appearance of rotten food - to envy.Spiteful critics literally tripping over themselves to smear your name in the eyes of society.However, they did not succeed!Worry to anything!Dreaming of a white worm food - to the premium.Especially good if you ate this strange dish.This dream means that you will achieve respect for his intelligence and activity.People will recognize you as their leader, and will reach to you!Note that this situation took it on your shoulders more responsibility.We must prepare now, raising your spiritual level.If you see that the dish is infested with worms, and experienced an understandable aversion, then the head of the lot is not for you.However, there are other talents that you need to develop persistently and consistently.Then life will present you a surprise in the form of a decent financial position.To kill worms means you are too worried about nothing.Your excessive concern with their appearance or health harasses others.Remember, not only do you deserve attention.Around a lot of people who have their own worries.Try though sometimes listen to others, and not just rant about his precious person.