Dream Interpretation: dreamed of grapes - for what?

One of the most useful and widely used by man is a plant grapes.His delicious fruit eaten fresh, used to cook wholesome juice and delicious wines.What if we catch a glimpse of the grapes at night?We offer to learn the interpretation of this vision, ask for help to more than the most complete and popular dream books of our time.

Dreams Gustav Miller dreamed of grapes - for what?

According to the interpretation of the source, if you dream you ate the fruit of this plant, you will have a lot of worries.If you catch a glimpse of the beautiful and ripe grapes surrounded by leaves, then in life you can achieve an outstanding position, which will allow you to help other people.A dream in which you are driving through the vineyard on horseback and on the way pluck and eat the delicious berries, promises the fulfillment of desires and getting profitable and promising work.If you eat the fruit, the taste of which you do not like, then you have to expect a loss of mental balance.

Dreams Freud dreamed

of grapes - for what?

This collection examines dreamed fruits of this plant as the personification of lust and pleasure.So, the dream in which the grapes appear reflects the increased importance attached to the side of your sexual life.For example, all family problems you are used to solve not through dialogue, but only in bed.Perhaps this method is up and running, but one day your spouse it might get bored.

old French dream book: dreamed of grapes - for what?

According to the compilers of this collection of interpretations of dreams, this plant is an extremely good sign that promises prosperity and a happy life.Unripe grapes heralds profit and successful resolution of all problems.Ripe fruit of the promise of joy and fun.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation: what dreams grapes

Green fruit of this wine in a dream plant is seen as a harbinger of disease.The red berries appear as a recommendation to check the pressure.

Dreams for the whole family: what dreams

grapes Black grapes predicts dreamer establish business contacts, which in the future will bring good profit.Green fruit is warned that under no circumstances you can not hit the target.

Dream book from A to Z: dreamed of grapes - for what?

This plant is regarded as a symbol of this source of joy, health, success and abundance.Ripe grapes promise a dreamer luck and fulfillment of desires and sour - minor troubles.Black berries predict reproaches and reprimands from his superiors.If you dreamed that you pick the grapes and then eat it, then in the near future you will have the desired lucrative job.Full basket of berries symbolizes the embodiment of your desires in life, or a fleeting affair.A dream in which you see the fruits of the vineyard with the collected, promises problems caused by false and duplicitous people.If you give or sell the fruits of this plant, in real life, probably you will have several romantic partners.