Supplementary Agreement to

Supplementary Agreement to the employers now used often enough.This is mainly due to the need to make certain changes to the document.Is an additional agreement to the contract (a model of which is fixed by law), in some cases it requires, and the Labor Code.

as initiator changes may act as the employer and the employee.When the additional agreement to be drawn up by the employer, it must notify its employees no less than two months prior to the anticipated changes.These include, for example, may include changes in wages, the nature of the activity, working hours and so on.

sample of the supplementary agreement to the employment contract is necessary for the correct execution of the expected changes.

Before placing the preamble should first determine the name of the document.

Due to the fact that the replacement of the provisions of numbers, words, complement the main text of articles or paragraphs of the text itself is a change, an additional agreement to the contract can be "amending" or "cha

nge of conditions".

best option is considered drafting a preamble, if it repeats those of the original document.Supplementary Agreement to the Agreement in the preamble may contain clauses concerning the agreements and contracts signed earlier.

In some cases, the employer locked the cause changes in accordance with his own wish.However, the law provides for a number of cases in which the employer is obliged to pay study.For example, under article 74 TK should reflect the reasons with which the change of technological or organizational environments.Specify this information may be in the preamble and in the text of the treaty.

That quality, which prepared the text of the new document, shows the extent of the training constitutes it, and the level of administrative culture in the enterprise.There are several rules that create clear and concise document.

primarily recommended changes to state succession.This indicates the sub-item or article to which the changes are made.Simply put, in the text, for example, you must first indicate the additions to paragraph 3, and then, in paragraph 5, but not vice versa.

Do not make any changes, without specifying the structural units (sub-items, items) of the original contract.In other words, you must specify exactly where the new information entered.For example, should not be written as follows: "the word" average payment per month "with the words" salary for the position. "It will be correct to read:" In Sec. 2.3 the word "average payment per month" with the words "salary for the position."

change the number in the additional agreement is necessary to use the term "figure."For example: "In section 3.4 the number" 8200 ", replace the figure" 10900 ".

If the initial conditions of the contract are stored, being supplemented with the new provisions, experts recommend complemented by structural units result in a new version.

In some cases, changes mayinvolve a sufficiently large number of sub-items, items partitions. For example, when transferring to another position will change the very job title, department, and the duties and rights of the employee in connection with the new features, terms of payment and other conditions. In these cases, experts recommendissue a new employment contract with the already amended, as an annex to the Supplementary Agreement. To this end, the document uses a special formulation, indicating the presence of the application.