Military discipline.

Military discipline is strict compliance with all rules and regulations that are prescribed by statute or military orders of superiors.They are mandatory for all staff.Each soldier must observe discipline and be aware of their duty to the Motherland.

to maintain internal order and control over the observance of all rules and regulations is assigned daily outfit.It consists of the duty of Rote and orderlies of company.They ensure internal order, protect personnel, equipment, weapons, buildings and other property.

on duty on the company of the statute specifies certain point and are in strict fulfillment of all rules and regulations.He can not leave his post without further notice to the regiment on duty.

duty on Rote is obliged to raise the case of an alert the entire staff, to inform all military personnel on duty and obey the regiment before the arrival of senior management.The daily duties included the duty of company of control over the implementation of regulations and the rise of personnel fo

r a fixed time.He must know the number of troops, their location (in the dress, in the hospital, arrested, fired or transferred to the headquarters).In addition, it must be aware of the number of available weapons and their consumption.

The duties include the duty of issuing company of weapons (only if the relevant order of the company commander).This recording made in the book, which records the fact consumption of ammunition.After the surrender of weapons on duty checks the company of packaging and compliance personnel number.He must keep the keys of the premises with a weapon and in any case not to transfer them to third parties.

In case of emergency situations on the company of the duty should take measures to eliminate violence.Then he should report to the higher authorities.The duty of Rota is responsible for the safety and serviceability of fire systems and fire-fighting equipment.It monitors compliance with fire safety regulations, and in the case of fire, provide measures to eliminate it.With the appropriate order on duty in the regiment, he is obliged to close the doors of the barracks and stop unauthorized access without special permission from the superiors.

duty on Rote is subject to first sergeant company.The duties of the sergeant-major company is to ensure the order, change the daily detail and control over the execution of orders.The duties include the duty on the company of the execution of orders for company sergeant employment of personnel.It should provide the construction division at a set time and to report to the appropriate parties.Excommunicated from the room attendant is obliged to transfer its powers orderly.The responsibilities for the company of orderly replacement part on duty at the time of his absence.

During the morning on duty at the construction of Rothe obliged to report on duty on the shelf all accidents.He has to monitor compliance with sanitary norms, cleaning, necessary lighting, heating, availability of drinking water and the cleanliness of the fixed territory.The duty of Rothe keeps order during the meal, to apply to the dining room, respectively the presence of personnel.He is obliged to report to their superiors, as well as inspecting persons in the form required by the charter.

Orderly by Rothe subject to duty.He is obliged to serve in the office entrusted to him inside the room, not to let outsiders superiors to report all accidents to take measures to eliminate disturbances and emergency situations.