How to prepare a salad of eggplant

Eggplant, which came to us from India, many wrongly considered a vegetable.In fact, he - berry.Yes, even some - of the order Solanaceae.But, in contrast to the small black fruit of a poisonous plant, eggplant extremely useful and tasty.Therefore, in our country it is affectionately nicknamed "little blue".However, from its dangerous relative of the eggplant still I took something.It - solanine, a substance, which gives the bitter taste of the raw berries.Therefore, eggplant salad never made "svezhatiny" as vegetable crunchy snacks.Most often this pseudo-vegetable subjected to roasting.

Choosing fruits

Unlike caviar, cell, and other snacks, salads, eggplant prepared with a little immature berries.Sinenky must be firm, small, smooth, shiny skin.Even if they are gentle on the palate and taste bitter - do not believe: solanine necessarily be shown, if you do not make one small simple procedure.Cut the fruit of the "washers" (you can also pre-clear sinenkie from the skin, but in some recipes is opt

ional).Fold the roundels in the pan and sprinkle with salt.Leave them so hour.

Further preparation of the base product

After this time, the moisture is drained and washed Mark washers under running cold water.Thus, we have eliminated a bitter substance, and you can start the actual cooking.Eggplant salads often incorporate fried sinenkie.Their well get wet kitchen towel to avoid splashing in a skillet, and spread into the hot oil.Fry until they need to be browned.If we neglect the procedure of salting, washing and obsushivaniya, eggplant vberut in all oil and become too fat and tasteless.

What products are added to salads, eggplant

Since sinenkie added to the dish to fried, then most of the other ingredients is also subject to any cooking: marinating, cooking, salted or smoked.Do not restrain imagination, as in salads with this berry is appropriate to all.Try to add pickles and capers for spice.Pomegranate seeds for refinement.Smoked chicken for satiety.Marinated olives, cheese, cheese, carrots in Korean, fried mushrooms - all this too well with little blue and can also be added to salads with eggplant.Recipes these snacks have almost all nations of the world, where the only known this false vegetable.

most famous appetizer of little blue

Of the variety of recipes for the most vivid and beloved by the people is probably the salad of eggplant in Korean. His recipe we give.Two small unripe berries and cut my slender arches.We perform all preparatory work on a hot little blue.Two carrots and two onions and shred semicircles.Two clear the peppers from seeds, cut into strips.Add the cooled roasted vegetable mass sinenkie.The secret of this dish - his gas station.Mix five tablespoons of vegetable oil, a spoonful of apple cider vinegar 6%, and a spoonful of soy sauce.Thoroughly shaken in a separate bowl, and then pour the dish.Prepare this salad should be a few hours before delivery.This is to ensure that all ingredients are thoroughly soaked with sauce and softened.A bowl with salad should stand under the lid in the refrigerator about 8-9 hours.