The diameters of the steel pipes and particularly pipeline installation in modern homes

Modern technology developed at such a high level that even people without special education and knowledge can easily build your own house.The main thing - to observe the most important rules in the performance of these works.For example, choosing a suitable diameter steel pipes.Then, with running water will be all right.

Installation plumbing.Features

PVC pipes and galvanized steel pipes - the most common designs that are most often used for the installation of piping in homes.If the installation should be carried out outside the building, the most suitable bituminous steel pipes.The diameters of the steel pipe in this case can be completely different. to connect pipes made of PVC commonly used adhesive, steel pipes are connected by fitting.

first track is broken water pipe.In addition, mark the holes in the walls and ceiling, installed fasteners.The number of twists and turns all along the pipeline should be minimal.But it is permissible to make a small slope horizontally, it allows, if neces

sary, drain the water from the system.The diameter of the steel pipe can somewhat change the system to meet all requirements.

Then set fittings, pre-punched holes in structures.Then, the tube can be prepared for laying, the preparatory work to an end.

following steps

First of all, you need to measure the distance to the branch or the middle of the first turn of a pipe from the existing place of connection to the machine.Only after this step can be prepared with a suitable length of the pipe length.The diameters of the steel pipe should also meet the other elements.

To screw length of pipe at a given site, use a pipe wrench, it is applied to the tube, trying to come as close as possible to the mix.The pipe clamp is secured after the connection is completed.If there are additional elements, they are removed with the help of the most common hacksaw.Since all parts are installed in series.

When the work is completed, the pipeline should be tested under high pressure.It should be 1.3 times the normal business.Pipes must withstand it for ten minutes.Only after the tests will be carried out, holes in the walls and ceiling are sealed with a special solution.This rule applies to any pipe equally, even a steel pipe, "a diameter of 20 centimeters" is no exception.

How to Install sewer?

If you are using an open strip, the most suitable of polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene pipes.But when it is necessary to establish a system under the ground, it is better to use ceramic products.Speaking of the risers, they are assembled from the bottom up.

couplings up should face set of the aqueduct.Laying of pipelines in the basement - the first step, which always begins with the installation of sewers.Land should be firmly connected to one another, and then - to lift up.

After this coupling is sealed by means of brackets or clamps fixed portion of the pipelines.You must fix all the laid lines, steel pipe, "a diameter of 50 centimeters " also requires additional verification.Furthermore, it is now possible to mount the first pipeline, and then install the finished assembly.This method is particularly relevant when it comes to the horizontal position of the pipeline.Open ends stoppered of wood, so they are not clogged.