Cables VVG.

Few people think about the features of cable products, paving the wiring in their homes.But for the safety of all who is inside the building, it is necessary to correctly and carefully select parameters such as the number of cores and cross section.And all these parameters is not limited.This is especially true for products such as cable VVG.Specifications them can surprise any user.

power cable VVG - what is it?

The structure of any power cable VVG contain copper wires.They are used to transfer electrical energy.The rated voltage of the cable can be 1.0 kW and 0.66 kW.Cables VVG, technical specifications which may be different, are often used in industrial and residential buildings, in different spheres of life.

Cables VVG often used when installing a home electrical outlet when connecting street lighting and home appliances.Manufacturers recommend to carry out laying at about minus fifteen degrees.In addition, care must be taken on the use of PVC pipe or a special cable channel, if the cable is

laid in the ground VVG.It is necessary for protection against mechanical damage.

What benefits this cable?

Cables VVG, specifications are defined quite simply, it is considered the most profitable and safe solution for many applications in modern buildings.Compared to conventional wire cable protection always has a higher performance.Almost every house under construction today is paving the wiring with cable VVG.Even small areas of the cable is enough to work with large areas.The passport data are available, how much power the device is best suitable in a particular case.

cable VVG and its structure

inside any cable VVG may be four, two or three copper wires.In addition, frequently used zero core or grounding.Cables VVG, specifications depend on different parameters, even at the production stage are painted in different colors to make it easier to understand where and what you need to connect.

example, blue or blue color indicates zero conductor.Grounding designated yellow-green.It should be considered to pave the wiring without any problems.

Some features cable VVG

Most often VVG cables used for outdoor installation to be protected, they are very well insulated.Features cable VVG also contribute to such use.These cables are designed to work in networks where the voltage does not exceed 35 kW.The cores are made of soft copper wire, they themselves have a circular shape.If the conductor cross-section is greater than 16 square millimeters, it has multiwire execution.

general can be used trĐĹhzhilnaya structure, if the cross section is greater than 25 square millimeters.

core - the main element in a structure such as copper power cable VVG.He, too, is made of strands, but it is isolated from all others, are used for the production of special materials.Also, cables can be found, where the core is as five, four, three or two conductors twisted among themselves.

Version Zero of living is provided for multi-core cables.