How to learn to make quick hairstyles for medium hair with your hands?

-length hair - it's hair, which reach about shoulder level and blades.Many women prefer this option - easy to care for them, there is no need for too much styling.Best of all, of such hair can easily make quick hairstyles.On average the hair with your hands, or even build a daily evening styling is not too difficult.In this article, we offer you some interesting fashion models for home hairdresser.

Style "lyrical mess»

Simply this is hard to imagine anything even imagine.With such a task handled any girl for a couple of minutes.All that is required to perform such quick hairstyles for medium hair with his hands, it is a comb, hairpins, invisible and hairspray.

• Screw the hair on curlers or any way you like.It is even possible in the evening to think about what you will do with your hair in the morning.
• Do not brush with a comb and go over the head of hair with fingers.Lightly fan the hair, giving them the appearance of confusion.
• In the bottom of the ear separate strand of any size - it will

be a free braided spike.Remember that the highlight of this hairstyle - the deliberate negligence, so popular this season.
• Make a few turns of the spit, grabbing the hair on top.
• Collect the end woven into a makeshift assembly and fan it.
• The remaining locks on the other side because they have a winding structure, very easy to form the curls according to your imagination.
• Making quick hairstyles for medium hair with your hands, do not take the time to fix all the elements of good design with the help of hairpins.Shake your head and feel that you are quite comfortable - a sign secure the hair.
• And the last required step.To quickly hairstyles at home look professional and not to lose the appearance of the whole day, cover the finished laying varnish strong fixation.
• Depending on the destination, you can use any jewelry to your liking.

Japanese style

very simple hairstyle for those who like to make the arrow and greased back hair.Even if the length of the hair is clearly not enough, and your hairstyle is called "square", you can still make beautiful hairstyles with their hands quickly.Look at this model:

• Nacheshite much hair on the crown, and the crown so that they resembled a roller and were very big.Smooth the top layer.
• Gather the strands as if you want to do, "Malvina".Ends securely invisible strict tone hair.
• The remaining hair from the back lift and attach invisible.
• bangs and locks near face pull ironing, zacheshite side and sprinkle with varnish.
• This hairstyle - an ideal base for hairpiece.But it can also be worn alone, his head adorned barrette or tying a beautiful scarf, like headband.

make a quick hairstyles for medium hair with your hands can be copying the images of stars and famous women.Would you like to look like Marilyn Monroe?She also had hair of medium length.

Looking at the photo, put a pre-stranded hair like hers.Do not forget to tease strands at the roots and fix richly varnished.