How to make hair grow fast?

attractive and long hair, flowing waves in the back girls, women always lured all men.At a time when ladies hairstyles change as quickly as accessories, have the patience to grow hair is not all.And so you want them to grow up as quickly as possible, but unfortunately, their length is increased each month only 1.5 cm. And how to make hair grow fast?On this issue, I think many will want to get the answer.

Why silk curls grow slowly?And how to make sure that the hair grow faster?Means for beautiful curls

There are many reasons that may affect the beauty and the length of your curls.The first - the restriction of natural growth and cell division and renewal of hair.The second - the health of your silk strands.If they are damaged, whipped, they feel the lack of mineral nutrients fall, the rate of growth will be insignificant.Therefore, what you need to do first - to restore the health of curls using special means and proper care.

So how to make hair grow fast?

best way to help his shock of hai

r - give her the necessary power and loading harmful styling products that have a negative impact on her health.To restore the hair follicles and hair health, nutritional oils should be used, and to stimulate growth - vitamin complexes, which are best not to get them powders and pills, and natural carriers: nuts, green vegetables and fruits, legumes, brown riceand so on.

How to make hair grow fast?Several secrets

most basic - do not disturb them.If you want to significantly accelerate the growth of curls, limit themselves to using the hair dryer, wash your hair Shampoo and air conditioning, do not use very tight hairpins and elastics, creating an unnecessary burden on the hair follicles.

In an experimental approach a special mask.That hair grew faster, it can be purchased at a pharmacy or Specialty stores.But experts do not recommend the use of ready-made remedies and homemade, made by popular recipes.Then the probability of harm to the curls will be reduced to zero.

How to make hair grow quickly with the help of folk remedies?

Best of all know how to grow healthy hair, our ancestors, who lived in the village and did not know the hands of hairdressers.And this is understandable - the longer the hair, the more chances to find a decent husband.

Thus, the first method.The warm water breed ordinary yeast, then add sugar and leave for 30 minutes.Fermented yeast as a simple mask is applied to the hair and wash off after 20 minutes.Repeat the procedure must be 2 times a month.

second method.Balm of red pepper.Five pods hot pepper cut into small pieces and pour the vodka.Wait for a good balm infusion (at least a week), and then use them instead of air conditioning several times a week.

third method, nourishing mask egg.Yolk mix with a tablespoon of vegetable oil, and then the mass is rubbed into the scalp.After 30 minutes, rinse your head.Use this mask should be every week.

fourth method, birch infusion.The leaves and buds of birch pour boiling water at the rate of a tablespoon of buds and leaves with 200 milliliters of water.Then, as a balm infusion, strain it and pour into a container.Now you can use it.The infusion must be rubbed into the scalp during each wash.

This is only part of the popular methods of promoting the stimulation of hair growth, but even with the help of one of them can significantly accelerate the growth of their curls and improve them.