How to calculate the auspicious days of the day cutting hair?

One of the easiest ways to significantly change its appearance without resorting to drastic and costly procedures - to make a new hairstyle.Have you noticed that often happens: Shorten the ends, and after a few weeks the hair grow back?And on another occasion after visiting a barber shop and a couple of months on centimeter not grow locks ... What's the matter, sin on the master or the state of their health?There is a proven way to reduce the likelihood of problems with the hair to a minimum, just enough to calculate the auspic

ious days of the day cutting hair.

General Rules timing care curls

believed that hair growth is strongly influenced by the phase of the moon.Many women claim that in itself noticed how after a haircut in good times hair looks healthy, and even tips are no longer split.To accelerate the growth of hair tips to cut costs during the waxing moon.If you want to keep the shape of the new hairstyle as long as possible should go to the master after the full moon.To calculate the auspicious days of the day cutting hair can, using the lunar calendar.It is also important to remember the number to which it is not necessary to engage in their own beauty.In the lunar calendar of all four of these dates: 9, 15, 23, 30. It is strictly forbidden to make any manipulations with hair in the days of solar and lunar eclipses.

Haircut on weekdays, when and for what?

Monday - too tough day in order to also be written to the salon?In vain, it is in the early weeks of hairstyle will be successful, and with otstrizhennymi tips from your life will take a noticeable fraction of negativity.Tuesday - it is also a good day for cutting hair.After a visit to the hairdresser you should feel an extraordinary burst of energy, it is possible that after the change of the image you want to dramatic changes in life.Haircut on Wednesday is that if you want some adventure and a change of scenery.Changing the length of the hair in this day will affect the communicative sphere of your life, you can meet new people or restoration of relations with someone from the past.

If we talk about the auspicious days of the day cutting hair, not to mention and Thursday.Visit a hairdresser is people whose activities are related to business and finance, will not prevent upgrade hairstyles and ordinary housewife, because it can bring good luck to the household affairs.The last day of the working week - Friday - no way will affect your destiny, even after shortening of the hair.Nothing wrong with a visit to the hairdresser that day will not.

Weekend - this auspicious days of the day cutting hair?

Can I have my hair in the calendar this weekend?Saturday - this is one of the best days to get rid of unwanted hair.Before written to the master, check the combination of the selected date with the phase of the lunar calendar.But even if the satellite of the Earth does not promise anything good, haircut goes well.But on Sunday, its beauty should not be engaged.If you decide to change your hairstyle to this day, be prepared for the difficulties in the lives of all sizes.Now that you know all the auspicious days of the day cutting hair, and if after a visit to the salon in the correct date you will not like the result, it makes sense to look for a new master.