Zaklichka - what is it?

From early childhood, each person knows the word zaklichka.What is the musical and poetic work, which is based on the belief in the magical power of words, he learned later, from the curriculum.The destination zaklichek in ancient times and still are meteorological phenomena and celestial bodies.


-zaklichki songs are folk art of the ancient folk layer.At the initial stage of operation, they embody verbal magic adults, after, after the Christianization of the traditional folk culture, these beliefs gradually lost its relevance, meaning, but continued to live in the world of children's ideas about the world of nature.Earlier appeal to sun, rain, clouds, wind, were directly related to the main occupation of the peasants - agricultural labor.The words were invariably accompanied by certain magical acts, the echoes have been preserved in modern texts zaklichka.What is this magical ritual, is now definitely not approve.

composite structure

this folk element largely unchanged since ancient ti

mes, but its essence remains the same.It requested that the rain, the clouds disappeared and the sun came out.Prolonged operation zaklichek children gave a second wind has forgotten patterns of ancient beliefs.Now zaklichki - mainly children's creativity.Compositionally, the majority of them have a common structure: exposition and kind of epilogue, which, in fact, concentrated desire (or the termination of the rain, the sun appears, and so on).Zaklichki for children is extremely melodic, their manner of pronunciation, declamatory recitative.Speak them or individual performers, accompanying pronunciation peculiar pantomime elements (movement of the body, head, arms), or a group of children.Along with the jokes is the reproductive genre in the repertoire of children's creative teams.

Spring zaklichka

What is the kind of songs zaklikatelnyh pagan origin, is already clear.And, of course, as any notion of folklore, zaklichka has its own classification.The most famous are considered to be requests for the spring.They are also the ritual songs that accompanied East Slavic rite Calling of (Clicking).In addition to complaints about the prolonged winter, spring performers name, referring not only to a variety of natural phenomena, but also for animals and birds - the messengers of spring.They are called stoneflies, ogulkami etc.Their words are meant not only the sequence in the change of the seasons, but also expressed their ideas about the causes and effect of the changes in nature.In order to provoke arrival of birds, and with it, respectively, and the beginning of spring, this process should mimic portray.The main means of spring Sainkho Namtchylak was baked waders or larks.Pastries distributed to children or placed in elevated areas, less tied threads and tossed into the air.This ritual songs sung - stoneflies, which should have been closer to urge spring.

Christian images

unusually curious about the penetration of the Christian pagan images in the formula.Their introduction in the folk element is not essentially changed.Although researchers have repeatedly asked question: "Christian zaklichka - what is it?".To clarify the situation may be one of the most common and well-known examples:

┬źMother of God,

Give us rain,

rain a gray,


As becomes clear desire to achieve the desired effect of natural forces remained only changed destinationzaklichki.In any case, regardless of any innovations, the images are accessed in zaklichkah, were and are mythological.