Work hostess - a vocation

more often in the pages of Internet resources to find work can find a job as a hostess.This word for many still remains unclear and may cause some not very relevant association.And, by the way, nothing "this" in this profession there is.After all, the position of "administrator" have not been associated with something indecent?A hostess - is, in fact, is the administrator, but his job is not to control of personnel and financial management, and work directly with guests institution, whether it be a restaurant, cafe or hotel.Its main task - to meet and serve the visitors so that they want to come back here again and again.

What have hostess duties?In the job description, which, I must say rather big, they are literally painted on items.Here are the main tasks to be performed by the employee (usually an employee) for the posts of hostesses:

- welcoming and always with a smile, greet guests who came to the restaurant (or other institution, which provides for such a post);

- to accompany them to the

table and help to stay, offering a menu to recommend certain dishes;

- take orders (including by telephone) to reserve tables;

- to monitor the cleanliness of the room, at the entrance and toilets;

- keep them in good equipment, plumbing, tools, accessories, etc .;

- regularly check the availability and purity of consumables, such as napkins, toothpicks, etc .;

- coordinate the work of waiters and, if necessary, to help them;

- participate actively in the daily cleaning establishments;

- have high communication skills, stress tolerance and a good memory to each guest to establish professional contacts.Loyal visitors definitely need to know not only the face but also by name.It is also desirable to further explore their culinary habits, behaviors, and other nuances of a personal nature;

- be aware of all the events, promotions and special offers places to talk about their guests;

- to know at least one foreign language at a conversational level (English or French, and, ideally, of course, both).

Maybe someone would think that the hostess - it is not such a difficult job.But the pitfalls and all sorts of nuances are also sufficient.Not everyone is capable of day-to-day, in spite of a bad mood and the desire to "kill the neighbor", portraying the face genuine joy, opening up to each visitor to engage with them in a lively dialogue and to do so that each of the guests felt the most significantand important.It does not matter whether the person came with the aim to throw a feast or just drink a glass of mineral water.Hostess - a welcoming, hospitable, thoughtful hostess, which must meet the visitors as well as she meets her friends at home.Each guest should be given attention.No one should feel left out.

In addition, the restaurant often come with children.Unspoken duty of hostess in Moscow is to communicate with them.If a child like that in a restaurant he was given a balloon and even gave coloring with colored pencils, he will want to get it again.Thus, the little child can make his parents regular clients establishments.