How to get to the Airborne Forces or commandos?

Have you ever asked yourself the question of how to get to the Airborne?Do you often wonder about the service in the air landing troops?On these issues, most respond, "No, it's not for me," with many different kind of invent excuses.This is not surprising, because the service in the Airborne and Special Forces requires a special courage, and most importantly - the special training.

main task of the airborne troops is in charge of various kinds of combat operations in the enemy rear, away from the front line.These brave act on the most important areas of military operations.Often this is the most extraordinary place.The main objective of SWAT is to sabotage and intelligence activities in the rear of the enemy.

Only the strongest men who have a sense of fearlessness and courage, being in adolescence are wondering about how to get to the Airborne Forces, or how to get to the commandos.It is because of this, a real man, our country can sleep soundly.

this branch of the armed forces of the Russian

Federation select only the strongest, boldest and aged people.

In order to get to the Airborne and Special Forces of the Russian army, you must be a citizen of the Russian Federation, it is not necessarily an adult, but with secondary education.

main factor for admission - it is the possession of excellent health.Admission wanting the service is only based on the results of entrance examinations in physical and psychological preparedness, as well as on the basis of estimates in the documents that characterize the social, creative, and most important sports achievements of the future soldier.

The world does not stand still, humanity evolves, customs and traditions are constantly changing.Women who want to look at the world through the eyes of men, is becoming more and more.The girls also raises the question of how to get to the Airborne Forces or commandos.

for enlistment girl, you must be the owner of good health and stable psyche, have secondary education, as well as being a citizen of the Russian Federation.

For both sexes who want to pass the service, you must submit a report to the Military Commissar.

From the assembly point of, meet with the officers, who arrived for completion.Try to make it the most positive impression.

Once you're on-site service, filed a report with the request to refer you to your special unit required for further service.Find out more details and how to get to the Airborne.

becoming a candidate for admission to the Airborne and Special Forces, you will need to go through the physical tasks.You are required to be good to catch up, to carry out the output power of two hands, as well as an excellent command of motocross training.

a qualitative performance of all tasks assigned to you, you can count on admission to the Airborne Forces or commandos.After serving in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the country will be able to count on you in the most dangerous and disturbing moments.