Which composition bronze has a percentage.

Bronze - an alloy of two metals.It is widely used in different spheres of human life: from the automotive industry to interior design.

What is Bronze?

This copper alloyed with tin.Also in its manufacture instead of the latter may be used aluminum, manganese, beryllium, and other elements.In addition, the composition contains various impurities in small amounts.

also created on the basis of copper brass, which is used to produce zinc.

Nowadays, there are brands of alloy whose composition is different.Bronze different species can be very different.Various names are used for different purposes.

color of the alloy depends on the percentages of copper and tin, of which it consists.With a decrease in the number of first and second colors increasing loses red and becomes gray.

When first introduced bronze?

This alloy is known from very ancient times.He began to make and use much earlier than iron.Only copper and tin are included in its composition.Bronze at the time did not contain impurities.It was

first received about five thousand years ago, that is in the III millennium BC.e.The period when the use of this alloy is called - "Bronze Age".It lasted until the I millennium BC.e., that is, until the time that people learned to extract iron.

Bronze is widely used for the manufacture of various products, including jewelry, figurines, weapons and utensils.

Bronze.The composition and application of

made from this alloy hire: rods, valves, sheets, as well as all sorts of other products, such as mesh, bearings, any details of various equipment.Also bronze used in construction and architecture for the production of monuments, decorative elements.Furthermore, the alloy finds use in plumbing - it is made into a pipe.

main group is tin bronze.From the title it is clear that the tin is one of the base metals that make up.Bronze of this type is divided into two types: one is used for the treatment of high blood pressure, as well as casting.

to treating pressure is Br.OCS 4-4-2,5.It comprises tin in an amount from three to five percent lead (from 1.5 to 3.5 percent), zinc (from three to five percent), and a bit of iron (0.05%).Everything else - copper.

This group included bronze composition which includes six to seven percent tin, 0.1-0.25 percent phosphorus and 0.02% iron and the same lead.This Br.PF 6,5-0,15.

next group - the casting of bronze.Additives in the form of iron are not included in its composition.Bronze of this type is often used for the production of art objects, fittings and so on. D.

Br.OTSS6-6-3 consists of five to seven percent tin 5,5-6,8 percent zinc and copper.

The structure of Br.OTSSN3-7-5-1 includes 2.5-4.5 percent tin, 6.5-7.5 percent of zinc, 4.6-5.4% and 0.8-1.2% of lead and nickel.

often in our time began to replace the tin with other metals, as it is cheaper.Such alloys form the other group.

Bronze, does not contain tin, often inferior in quality.These types of it are widely used in the automotive industry and other similar industries.

aluminum bronze

This metal is most commonly acts as the replacement of tin.Its amount in the alloy can be about 10 percent.Bronze, composition and properties of which are known from ancient times, a bit different from the aluminum.It is more expensive, as the tin from ancient times used for the production of the alloy is more expensive than aluminum.

However, although it is cheaper, aluminum bronze still has high strength, anti-friction properties.Because it is mainly made sleeve bearings, worm wheels and other.

The most common brand of this group is the bronze Br.AZHN10-4-4.Its composition includes 9.5-11 percent aluminum, 3.5-5.5 percent manganese and the same amount of iron.The rest - copper.

beryllium bronze

In this type of alloy contains about two percent beryllium.

They possess high strength and hardness, as exposed to a special heat treatment which improves the characteristics of the material.The main application of these bronzes are in the manufacture of tools such as hammers, chisels, and so on. D.

silicon bronze alloy This group includes in its composition 2.3 percent silicon.They are resistant to corrosion and good casting properties.

From such material often manufactured tape, wire, springy articles and the like.

Nickel bronze

as impurities contain nickel.The number of basic features include strength, good resistance to acids and high temperatures.

patinated bronze

In our time, is very common as this type.Patinated bronze gives it the effect of antiquity and plays a decorative function.But apart from this, it also protects the material from corrosion.The method of patination of the alloy similar to the technology of burnished silver.As a result, the procedure turns black bronze, which structure is not changed.


composition bronze and brass have one basic thing in common - the main component is copper.It is also the most important and widely used base alloy of the metal.However, as the second element, in this case zinc is used instead of tin.Also present in a small amount additive in the form of lead, iron, and silicon.

Which additive is contained in a particular brand of brass, can be understood from the labeling, which after the letter A (which means "brass") introduced another, for example C (lead) in the designation of LS59-1.From this we can understand that the alloy contains 59 percent copper, 1 - lead, and the rest - zinc.

brass color and its properties depend on the percentage of copper in it.There are three main groups: red, yellow and white.Red contains in its structure more than 80 percent of copper, this type of brass is also called "red brass".It is used for producing thin sheets.

The percentage of yellow copper lower - 40-80%.It is mainly used for the production of keys, headsets, as it is used in the automotive industry.

White brass contains a variety of 20-40% copper.It is very fragile, so it can only be formed by casting.