The most mysterious place in the world.

twenty-first century - the time of digital electronics, new technologies and discoveries.Found a cure many previously incurable diseases.Built skyscrapers, changing its shape.Studied space.However, there are still a lot of unknown.For example, the Nazca Lines in Peru or the Stone Forest in China, Stonehenge and Easter Island.Which one of them - the most mysterious places on the planet?The answer to this question will not give any scientist ...

Around the world in search of the unknown

mysterious places on Earth.Where do they look for?It is enough to look around.In every corner of the planet can be found interesting and unusual natural phenomena.The question is: what do you want more - beauty bewitching spirit, or is it extreme adventure?Seekers of beauty is worth a visit, for example, Salyar de Uyuni in Bolivia.The huge salt desert formed on the site of a dried-up lake.In the rainy season, when the salt is covered with a thin layer of water, there is a feeling that a person goes through the wat

er.The sky merges with the earth.All thoughts disappear overnight.This is the most incredible place on Earth!

And there are natural sites, visiting which will be difficult to sleep.Caves, forests and lakes with mysterious and mystical story will satisfy even the most daring and intrepid tourists.Horror movies will seem childish tales.Abnormal places on the planet every tickle nerves.

fans thrills dedicated

Blue Hole.This underwater cave, which is located on the coast of Belize among the coral reefs (Central America).It is a funnel 120 meters deep and 305 wide.Summary of the cave collapsed and was submerged when sea levels rose.Blue Hole became known to the world after the TV researcher Jacques-Yves Cousteau.He was the pioneer of this amazing natural phenomenon.Underwater cave is very diverse, and this attracts divers.Feeling as if you find yourself in a cartoon about the mermaid Ariel.

underground rivers and lakes - surely the most unusual places.On the planet of many.And, of course, deserves special attention Melissano lake in Greece.This cave and the lake at the same time.Pure as the tears of water, combined with virgin thickets and unusual stones - what could be more beautiful?What is missing is the fabulous nymphs and elves.

attracts and fascinates underground river of Puerto Princesa in the Philippines.The world's largest underground river.Its length is eight kilometers.Puerto Princesa are assigned to one of the wonders of nature.The area around the underground reservoir, as the body of water itself, declared a national park.To get to the cave is possible directly from the open sea, where the river flows into and.Maybe this is the most mysterious place on earth?

Attracts interest and Lake Hamilton in the United States.It is both surface and underground water basin.A long time ago in the territory around the lake lived Indian tribes, the most severe of which - the Apaches.Here you can hear a lot of different stories and legends.They will satisfy any person.The lake and the area around it are considered to be reserve.

If we talk about the natural reservoirs should mention the pools of Pamukkale in Turkey.The place is a long time will leave its mark in the memory of tourists.Pools are big hills, filled with natural healing waters.Millions of tourists visit the country, only to see it is the most mysterious place in the world.At any time the kind that opens from the pool is amazing.Many include pools of Pamukkale to the eighth wonder of the world.

mysterious places on the planet

How interesting and mysterious secret nature!It seems that life is not enough to go round the earth and see everything with my own eyes.On the other hand, it would be time and desire.After all, nothing is impossible!

So where are they - mysterious places on the planet?Photos natural wonders can be found on various pages of encyclopedias.It is enough to look through one of these books and determine the route of travel.Must-See Road Giants in Ireland trolltunga in Norway, canyons in the United States, Spotted lake in Canada, and much more.

Road Giants.It is laid out on the coast of Ireland from the stone columns.Many legends and tales There is in her account.The most common legend the way Finn built for battle with sea monsters.In fact, the trail was formed due to volcanic eruptions.The area where it is located, is a nature reserve.

Antelope Canyon in the United States.America is rich in canyons, but the most amazing - it's Antelope Canyon.In the picture it looks like a human creation.After all, how can the nature of such fashion lines and shapes?Maybe!Winds and rain water for a long time and vytёsyvali washed away sand cave.It is difficult to name all the colors of the canyon.In the morning, he - one in the evening - another.But the best play of colors - the day when sunlight.Canyon is located on the lands of the Navajo Nation.And to see the most mysterious place in the world, you need to pay the Indians for crossing their lands.

Spotted lake in Canada.The shape of the lake resembles a honeycomb, where each cell is filled with water of different colors.This is because the reservoir is saturated with different minerals, which are stained with water.In summer, the water evaporates, leaving the minerals on the surface.

Stone Forest in China.This amazing stones, resembling a small mountain.At one time there was the sea, which washed away the soft rock, leaving the stone trunks.The forest is located in Yunnan Province, and is very popular among tourists.It has narrow paths and tunnels, which alone is better not to wander around - you can get lost.Such education is in Russia on the bank of the Lena River (Yakutia).

Pyramid Yoganuni in Japan.The world knows a lot of the pyramids, but the Japanese were discovered only recently, just 20 years ago.Unusual structures that are under water.According to scientists, the age pyramid is ten thousand years old.Clear answers who and how built the artifact, no.However, terraces, trenches, various lines and signs suggest some may still unexplored, civilization, which was flooded by the sea.

lovers tourists should definitely go outside the Tunnel lovers.It is in the Rivne region in Ukraine.Abandoned railroad, would seem to be frightening, mysterious look.But this tunnel all the way around!In the summer of railway section from all sides overgrown with greenery and takes the form of the tunnel.Many lovers and honeymooners on a photo shoot in a hurry here.The tunnel is very similar to the path of the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland."So wait, what is about to appear Cheshire Cat ...

little bit scary.Ghost Towns

Besides the stunning natural and mysterious corners of our planet is full of creepy and unpleasant places that COLD its mystical secrets of the soul.As the saying goes, horror "rest" in comparison with them.Thrill seekers - just right!

In the category of "the most abnormal place" the first place you can legally give Ukraine and its ghost town of Pripyat.City abandoned and abandoned after the world-famous tragedy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.Empty streets, playgrounds and lonely at home if specially created as decorations for a terrible film.Pripyat - the youngest is a ghost town.At the time of the accident he was only 16 years old.Now there are about 300 old-timers, who did not want to seek refuge in other cities.

there are similar town in Russia - Kadychkan (Magadan).Its history dates back to 1943, when the future site of the settlement were discovered deposits of coal quality.Since it was founded a small village.However, after the explosion of the mine in 1996, life in the city has become impossible due to high radiation levels.People languished in his eyes.The evacuation.Now, only an empty apartment and thrown into the courtyard reminiscent of the cars that the city was "» ...

Oradour-sur-Glane - French village, whose inhabitants were killed by the German occupiers during the Second World War.In one day, killed 642 people, of whom nearly 500 were women and children.The city itself was burned.Not far from the scene of the tragedy built a new city with the same name as the old Oradour-sur-Glane is recognized as a historical monument.

There is in America a ghost town - Detroit (MI).Previously thriving city now looks like a ghost: destroyed homes and schools impose fear and terror.The strongest impression was once the world's largest train station.DETROIT - a great place to shoot mystical films.The abandoned churches scattered everywhere doll showing satanic rituals.

Ghost Towns - this is the most unusual places on the planet.They make us think about the consequences of human actions, and to reconsider its attitude towards nature.

Looking Paranormal

When it comes to ghost towns, it is appropriate to mention some buildings are so afraid of their appearance.Paranormal places on the planet - it's not imagination directors is the true stories that deserve attention.

Amitivil.Someone will say: "This is just fiction!" But still there is a strange house indeed!Amitivil town is not far from New York.The murder, which led to the mysterious events on this day is not solved.No one knows what really happened.However, after the terrible event, when the elder son killed his entire family in the house for a long time did not stay any one tenant.People fled, leaving their belongings.

the same terror and induce psychiatric clinic Sikehus Lier in Norway or military hospital in Germany.Buildings that have a dark past, will be a godsend for fans of the paranormal.In the clinic, as well as in the hospital, they found their refuge soul died in pain and agony.

Loneliness with hints of mysticism "smacks" eighth workshop of the plant "Dagdizel" (Russia).This Russian military station in the Caspian Sea.It is situated three kilometers from the coast.The walls of an abandoned factory for a long time, as if ice cold iceberg, standing amid a sea and frighten his marines monstrous sea ...

there in Russia and its "Silent Hill."The small town of abandoned houses and camps for children located in the Moscow region.And God forbid witness satanic rites that take place there!

road death

Our land braided roads and highways.There are good highway and not very much.And there the trail, stay on them and suggests an inexplicable fear.

For example, The Road of Death in Bolivia.The worst road in the world!It took thousands of lives.The road goes up in the mountains and stretches for 70 km.On one of her hand - rocks, dotted with crosses and monuments on the other hand - and an open pit.Although construction began on a safe path, but still enjoyed this way.Witnesses have repeatedly noticed a strange white shadows, flickering in front, then the back of the car.Perhaps the souls of the dead on this path, who can not find a resting place ...

unusual road is in the mountains of China.It's not just the track and the road-tunnel.Periodically route if part of the mountain itself, which on the one hand - rocks, and on the other - are currently the window over the precipice.They say if the driver looks at the window immediately frustrate down ...

There is a road of death in Russia.So called route Lyubertsy - Lytkarino.It is a narrow winding road on which drivers travel with the utmost caution.Strange silhouettes seen here is not a single traveler.Rumor has it that in this area there are ancient burial places.Perhaps restless souls looking for answers to the eternal questions.The road is dotted with monuments, crosses and flowers.

But by and large, all the roads in Russia to some extent can be called a trail of death.Whether such drivers, whether trunk, but the Russian Federation among the first countries to road accidents.

Paranormal Russian

entire Russian nation and teeming anomalies.A lot of the different oddities in her heart - in the Moscow region.Abnormal place suburbs scattered mainly in small villages.

Seekers UFOs can hunt for unusual photos in settlements Chapel, Protasovo, Ogudnevo, Nikolskoye, and many others.The strongest geopathogenic node located in the village chapel.Strange sounds, shadows and flashes were seen not just locals.Some lucky enough to shoot at the camera interesting shots, the authenticity of which has been tested in Russia and the United States.

often fixed lights in the sky at 47 km Yaroslavl highway, in particular, above the village Sofrino.Find out if it's true or profit, can only be armed with their own camera and went to the extreme trip.

Speaking of Moscow itself, almost every subway station hides some secrets.Many interesting and paranormal secret underground station "Bauman" (infidel crypts), "Sukharevskaya" (witch tower), "Chistye Prudy" (cheapskate to Butcher).These are places that still preserve the secrets of the past.

But the biggest horror brings to the residents of Moscow House of Beria Malaya Nikitskaya (m. Arbatskaya).They say that at night there can be heard the sound of a car drove up, followed by the men's heavy steps.It Beria returned home.And well, if it is accompanied by the ladies.But if you hear the groans of the repressed, then it is better to flee from the place, not looking back ...

That hidden caves Russia?

caves - this is the most mysterious places on the planet, which since ancient times caused increased interest in people.Different beliefs and legends are prevalent these natural creations.

For example, Sablinskie cave in the Leningrad region took not one human life.On this point, prefer to remain silent.About him not read in the newspaper or hear on the radio.Secret area is shrouded in mystery, which so far nobody has been able to unravel.Earlier in caves hiding fugitives and prisoners.Perhaps they have not been able to find a way out of them, and now their souls are doomed to eternal search.

lot of horror stories associated with Kashlukatskoy cave in the north of Russia.It is popularly known as the Cave of the Black Devil.It is not surprising, because its caves also have mystical names - Skeleton Obscurantists ... On the walls of the cave you can see the ancient spells of shamans, who for a long time to spend here their rites.It is said that those who managed to survive the trip to the cave, eventually go mad.

most anomalous and mysterious places in Russia concluded in mountain ranges.One of these is the Mountain of the Dead, or Dyatlov Pass.Many people have learned about this place on the same movie.This is not just an invention of the director, it's a real mountain, and it is located in the north of the Urals.Back in 1959 a group of young tourists tried to conquer it.However, all members of the group died in mysterious circumstances.Rescuers searched travelers, found only torn from within the tent.What power has forced people in the dead of winter to leave the place to stay?With so frightened members of the group?These questions are still no clear answers.Locals say this place is cursed.

Such places do not say ...

«unusual places on the planet, a photo of which can be found on the pages of informative books - just a picture" - says one.And the only one who felt the chill mysterious caves or lakes, is unlikely to want to visit again, these corners.

There are areas in Russia, which is better not to know, and especially not to go there.For example, the Devil's Cemetery locals prefer to bypass tenth expensive.Mysterious forest with a strange clearing is located near the village of Ust-Kezhemskogo Cove district of Krasnodar region.

According to legend, the villagers in 1908, then dropped a meteorite which formed a huge hole in the ground.A hole after a while overgrown.But the land on the site is considered to be cursed.It looks like after the terrible fire, and there is nothing living on it.Each set foot on Devil's Cemetery immediately die.In all my years of research then disappeared around a hundred people.

It's not all abnormal places in Russia.A lot of secrets hidden in the water bodies of the country.

Ivachevskoe Lake (Volgograd region).Waters fascinates with its beauty and mystery.However, beauty spot not only soothes, but also a fear of catching up.Many noted that after a rest on this lake their deteriorating health.And the residents of the city of Cherepovets, which is located near the lake, said that more and more people disappear in this pond.