How to make a server round the clock

To resolve these issues first need to understand the operation of the server.So, you first need to understand the basic concepts.IP-address is necessary so that the remote computer can communicate with your computer.What is a port of the server?It is necessary to ensure that the remote computer can interact with specific programs on your computer.It is a number that is assigned to an open port.Some routines have their permanent port numbers.Anyone can send information to an open port.

game server is a program that runs on your computer.It can not work for nothing.So you need equipment or a computer that will constantly keep the program running.

How to make the server clock.Option 1.

first and easiest option is to ensure that you do not have to turn off the computer on which the server is online.This will save you from communicating with third parties.But in this case, be prepared to ensure that your electricity bills will increase significantly and all the technical problems with your server, y

ou have to decide completely independently.Experience shows that home computers are not always cope well with this task.Equipment fails after about a year, since it is not designed for laundry use.Therefore, such a seemingly easiest and cheapest option as a result can do even more.

How to make the server clock.Option 2

you can rent equipment or third-party hosting.On it, you can upload your own server.This option is not cheap, but you do not have to directly monitor its technical serviceability.Here you will be able to install this equipment as servers as it allows you to fully control all the settings.Another advantage of this option is that you do not have to keep your computer on all the time.You do not need to assume the risk for the safety of equipment and repair it in case of breakage.

How to make the server clock.Option 3

game server ready to rent for those who specialize in hosting the game.This option is much cheaper than the previous one.However, in this case, your ability to configure the server will be severely limited.However, this option is very good for those who are not familiar with the operation of the server and is unable to keep the home computer on.

So, the choice of how to make server round the clock is now yours.Assess your capabilities and capabilities of your computer and select the option that is best suited for you.

How to make visible the server

Visibility server - one of the most common problems that are often faced by novice users.In the case of game servers their visibility allows other players to come to him.

solution to this problem is primarily dependent on the type of IP-addresses, which is provided by the ISP.In the absence of an external IP-addresses need to contact technical support, where you will be given such an address.Most often, this service is free of charge, the price of all the different providers.

If the external IP-address is dynamic, there are two ways to solve problems.In the first case, you need to contact the provider and order a permanent IP-address.In the second case, you can set a dynamic IP-address DNS-server, then it will be automatically redirect to the new IP-address.Now you can use your server at any time convenient for you.It will be available to all who wish to join the Internet.