How to make a home network and expand local

Surely you're familiar with the concept of local area network.The simplest example - is when in the same house there are two computers, and you want to create a link between them with the ability to transfer files from one to another.How to make a home network?This can be done in two ways: by means of wired and wireless communications.

consider each of them separately.In order to connect two computers wired connection, you need a cable.It can be purchased at the store.By the way, ask it to you immediately crimp connectors.Arriving home, one end of the cable into the network card into the slot on the first computer, a second respectively - in connector on the other.Turn on both computers.

Before making a home network, check the availability of computers, anti-virus may block the connection if it is installed.Now you need to go to the Control Panel and select "Network" menu.Click on the "search network" and, in general, all.You will have no problems with the data transfer, as well as games on the net


Let's talk about how to create a local network.Before you select the type of network.Select the "home network", that is, all the computers on the network are located within the same building or home.Right-clicking on the icon "to connect to the network", we see that there was a label with the connection.The same procedure is necessary to spend on another computer.That's it, now your computers are connected by a network.

Now consider how to set up a local area network using a wireless connection.Well, everything looks much more attractive in terms of scale.There are many different types of local area networks, via which the wireless access to the Internet.The most common of them - it's wi-fi, WLAN and DSL.An important difference between this type of network is that in this case you have already assigned a specific ip address of your ISP directly.These networks allow you to connect to the Internet.

How to create a home network through a network of Wi -Fi, in our time, probably, everyone knows.All you need is a wi-fi adapter (modem) and an ip address.Everything is done in the same way as when creating a home network, but in the selection menu are looking for "internet connection".

Regarding DSL and Wlan - everything is similar.But we are a little distanced from the topic.The most common and convenient way to make a home network using a wireless channel - this, of course, Wi -Fi.This method allows you to provide mobility to all computers on the network and the ability to transfer already included machines that would not be possible when using a cable, because sooner or later it will end.

'll talk more about this kind of connection.Wi-fi adapter is a small device like a flash drive.When connect it to a computer in the list of network connections, you will have one more - "Wireless Network Connection", it is we need.Open the "Properties", and note if you are using windows, there are already sewn into the setup wizard to help you set up a network.You add the network name.Depending on whether you want to protect your network or not, you can encrypt it with a password.

As you can see, no additional configuration is not necessary to carry out.Once you complete all the steps to restart your computer - then the connection will appear automatically.If it does not, then manually select the utility menu "search network" and connect yourself.As you can see, options for how to make a home network or expand local - weight;choose one that is convenient for you.

I have to mention the following fact.In operating systems such as windows vista and windows 7 is enough to set up the connection on only one computer.In the second, it comes automatically with built-in connection systems.This applies, for example, the Internet.If you set the Internet on the same computer, all the computers in the network it will be set up the same connection.

last, perhaps, what it is worth saying is that if you can not create a wireless connection, and you still use the cables and computers on the network a lot, use a hub router.This kind of server to connect all network cables from the computers on your network.Through him, and the exchange of data.