Flag AUSTRIA: what you did not know

flag Austria flag is rectangular in shape, which has an aspect ratio of 2: 3.It consists of three equal strips arranged horizontally.The upper band of red, medium - white, and the latest, lower, also red.

his view flag of Austria photo, which you can see in this article, acquired in 1918, after it was declared a state with a republican form of government.And in the fall of next year on 21 October, the Austrian flag received approval.However, in 1938, namely on March 13 followed by the abolition of the national flag, but in 1945, May 1, multi-colored flag was approved as a state attribute again.

Differences national flag of the State

It is worth noting that the national flag of Austria - an amazing and fascinating country - is somewhat different from the state.For example, the central part, which is decorated with the image of a black eagle with a shield consisting of three colors, complete the picture of a hammer with a sickle, with the bird's head is crowned with a crown.

But when the flag of

Austria preferred to be considered state, the claws of an eagle were pictured broken chain.It symbolized the redemption of the Austrian people from the oppression and abuse of the fascist troops.In 1984, March 28 was the last modification of the flag of Austria.By the way, the flag of Lower Austria consists of two horizontal stripes of blue and yellow with a centrally located land coat of arms.

What do the colors of the flag

customary to assume that the red color, which in most painted flag of Austria, is the shed blood of citizens - patriots who fought for the independence of this country.White won as a symbol of freedom and the overthrow of the absolute monarchy existed previously.

also recognizes the version of the color values ​​of the flag can be completed.According to local residents, the snow-white banner of the band refers to the Danube River, which runs through the country from west to east.Such a banner first appeared in the Middle Ages state that documented.

When there was a flag of Austria

In the beginning of the XIII century on the seal that belonged to the Dukes of Babenberg dynasty, was applied to the image knight on horseback.Knight Shield has been divided into 3 equal parts.Color parts at the time has not been specified, but this image has the coat of arms was called Babenberg.It is noteworthy that while the military began using banners, painted in the same way.

Exploring some information heraldry (Zuricher Rolle, Wappenbuch vd Ersten, Gelre, etc.) that relate to the Middle Ages, it should be noted that even then seemed the emblem of the state of the same color.Most likely, you will be interested to know about the fascinating legend of the XIV century, which explains the appearance of white and red combination indicated on the arms.According to her, such a coloring Flag invented during the crusade Duke Leopold Babenbergsky.

How was it?

After a fierce battle with the Saracens knight cloak Duke, who was white, blood-soaked.But what about the duke was surprised when he took off his belt and noticed that under his blood and is not entered!There was only a thin strip of crystal clear.Knight praised the dignity of the incident, and a combination of red and white was subsequently postponed to family standard.