Sign of the Masons - a mystery, kept for centuries

About Freemasonry written by an infinite number - the volume of research and artistic works (great novel Pisemsky "Masons").

Association Freemasons (that sounds so literal translation of the word "freemason"), not a religion, can compete with any of its branch in the number of fans and popularity.

This is a complex, extremely interesting, and most importantly - the secret structure.The official status it received several times, but not for long.Nobody knows for sure the true cause and time of its occurrence, no one can determine the true purpose and its number of members in the ranks, if it has no direct relationship to the fraternity.Therefore, the organization is often credited with traits of other secret societies.

However, during the long centuries of the developed and identified specific symbols of Freemasonry, getting to know that, we can say the following: in the numbers of Masons accept, as a rule, people highly educated, independent and complex, despite the fact that the first stage of a

hierarchicalladder they are assigned the title of "student."

were needed special services or large donations to reach the second stage - a journeyman, and the third - the master.In addition to the symbol and sign of the Masons there is usually secret.

The symbols enclosed allusions to the origins, the priorities and objectives of the organization.Thus, the "shell and pearl" represent the self-improvement and self-development of people (at the grit incredibly painstaking work should form a pearl).

Any educated person familiar with the symbols and know what they originally were three square, a hammer and hatchet.Later, "brothers" borrowed from the ancient religions of characters such as "all-seeing eye", two columns (Yaoken and Boaz), 6 and 5-pointed star, circle and others, almost all of which carried the symbols of Satan thatpartly explains the existence of the secret lies.

Mysterious always tempting, excites the imagination, makes something to think out.Therefore, membership in the Masonic organization attributed the number of Russian Tsars, Napoleon, Stalin and Hitler.

But if any of the symbols of Freemasonry - a sword (the law), a branch of acacia (immortality), a compass, and others (about 14) - labeled, documented, captured on dozens of paintings of genius, the sign of the Masons always veiled.Special

few gestures, and among devoted they are given a significant role.These secret signs Masons as a handshake at a meeting (the nail right thumb pressed to the 1st joint of the same hand of another member of the lodge), you can take to know each other and to emphasize their affiliation secret society.

Alternate pronouncing the syllables of words Yaoken and Boaz - is also a sign of the Masons, the meaning of which were dedicated to only your favorites.

A special role is played by gesture "hidden hand", supposedly symbolizing the postulate "a man said to his case."Great world depicted in the paintings with the right hand, hidden by the cuff of clothing, are countless.Maybe they were Masons, and maybe it was just a habit.Another sign of the Masons - holding the same right (s Freemasonry is given a special place) hand near the neck lines, parallel to the floor.He spoke of a person's level of "student."

Signs of Masons and their value is difficult to overestimate, because, according to some sources, this society has in its ranks today about 5 million. Man and his lodge are in the developed world.In the wake of the equality of women were formed and there lodges - "Big Dipper", "Cameo" and others.

members of the secret society has developed an entire system of secret signs by which they could conduct dialogues.However, such a shocking sign of the Freemasons (perhaps only attributed to them) as "show its horns" (three fingers, of course, the right hand clamped in his fist, and the index and little finger thrown forward), it is applied consciously or not, it has surpassed all others.Judging by him, it belongs to the Masons half of humanity.This sign Masons - the sign of Satan - discredits the movement, whose ideas (new construction, the pursuit of excellence, universal education) is not so bad.