Mysterious fortune telling Madame Recamier - fashion or fortune-telling?

Madame Recamier - one of the famous beauties, admiration and reverence for that was laid in the word "Parisienne" as much charm, mystery and charm.Um, the refinement brought her European fame.Poets (Chateaubriand) and painters (Gerard David) sung and immortalized her beauty.

«Madame Recamier" - this phrase has become synonymous.Her name was called furniture styles hairstyles and dresses.She was a trendsetter in all things.In her salon, which decides the fate of Europe, the elite of society, not only spent time in the grand conversations, but also pass the time at the card tables.

Solitaire refers to intelligent card games.It requires concentration and thus distracts from urgent cases and soothes.Solitaires is that unfolds beautiful Julie, were more tarot cards, something akin to tarot cards.

Guessing Madame Recamier did not require drawing the most faithful of moves, just need to know the correct interpretation of the separated images.But after all card manipulation, which lays out a deck, began t

o refer to the solitaire as "Solitaire Madame Recamier."

To successfully master any solitaire you need patience.In French, "Solitaire" matches a "patience" as it requires guessing Madame Recamier.The highlight of this board game is that it did not fit the traditional deck of cards, for it requires a special, consisting of 25 unique maps.

Shirt cards can be different.Each set of different identities.Many talented artists are engaged in registration cards for solitaire "Guessing Madame Recamier."No matter how decorated the card, they must necessarily be accompanied by instructions explaining the meaning of the separated images.If the resolution of any solitaire, whether "Klondike" or "Four kings", requires ingenuity, for the alignment of "Guessing Madame Recamier," where there is a fatalism (as dropped, so is the fate of), we need imagination and experience.

As already mentioned, 25 pieces of cards, they are arranged in five rows of 5 cards.

chip itself is square and diagonals is divided into 4 parts, each of which, in turn, represents half of the picture, which is in coincidence with the other, lying next to a map, it is necessary to decode and interpret the meaning contained in it.

Guessing "Madame Recamier Solitaire" is considered to be descended in the case where all the same 50 images, which is rare.Fortunetellers to be content with fragmentary clues, based on the 2-3 dropped pictures.

suitable for divination and ordinary solitaire games, even the most difficult and interesting in themselves, they just up equates to answer: "yes" - "no," "come true" - "not come true", ie, to unambiguous conclusions.Solitaire "Guessing Madame Recamier" possible with the appropriate talent to present itself in a different form.

With a very large number of beautifully designed cards, some of whom are real masterpieces, the interpretation of images somehow kept within certain limits, for example, the "heart" - it's always love, "tangle" - it's always the way, "horseshoe" -always means happiness.

Solitaire "Guessing Madame Recamier" Option 2 differs from the first number of cards - there are only 20, and they are arranged similarly to the first, but at least one number.Pictures of interpretation, therefore, will be only 40. In order to achieve a more complete picture cards laid out several times.