Is it possible to drink beer in the post?

every Christian a certain period, called post.In the old days they comply with all - clergy and laity.There is no question about what to drink in the post.Every Christian family know all the rules of abstinence (spiritual and physical).Everyone from young to old, kept them.Today, many forgotten.Years of atheism in the Soviet Union were not in vain.But more and more people are returning to the Church.Here also need help in clarifying many of the rules.Let's look at how and why you need to avoid, and answer the question of whether it is possible to drink beer in the post.

meaning of posts

Probably everyone has heard that abstaining from food and drink without the spiritual purification, overcoming itself is not pleasing to God.

Post - is not a diet.Refusal of food - not the main task of the Christian.The question of whether you can drink beer in the post, certainly important, but do not need to think about it first.Abstaining from food is useless without a spiritual abstinence, without mercy, and

attempts to correct his sins.Of course, all of the above have to do all the time, every day.Fasting helps in that it allows to restore the primacy of the spirit over the body, because in everyday life is the opposite.And rightly so.

Jesus Christ spent in the desert forty days and defeat the devil, "he returned in the power of the spirit" and it showed all weapons, which helps bring down the enemy of the human race.The strength of his laments at the memory of the defeat in the desert, so he departs from complying with all the rules of the posts.

posts Rules

Physically abstinence in food is divided into five stages.This failure:

  • meat;
  • from milk;
  • from the fish;
  • of vegetable oil;
  • of any food at any time.

last stage is only acceptable for a completely healthy people.Incidentally, in order to maintain physical strength to drink wine or beer in a post is possible, but not always.In addition, to overcome themselves to keep secret from others.And if you close all will recognize and begin to persuade to give up his post, not torture yourself, to be ready for it.Devils are trying so through arguments and temptations to stop the strengthening of the spirit, as the spirit of darkness tried to do in the desert with Jesus.

it better relief in the post, or the rejection of him?

people sick, but aspiring to God, sometimes replaced by abstinence in food spiritual.They try not to be angry, not to quarrel, to show mercy, and so on. D. But in ordinary days every Christian should take care of yourself.And if the person is unable to resist, for example, irritation of everyday life, it is unlikely he will be able during Lent.It follows that the substitution of physical abstinence spiritual - it is only self-deception.

better, if the sick person or the one who has a flaw in the product will at least abstain from sweets and treats, to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays, the most delicious to leave for holidays.

Moderation - important in the post?

not need to ask the priest in the church about whether you can drink beer in the post, if you abstain from food show.Formal restrictions Lord does not accept.After all, you can have all that God will give as did Saint John of the Ladder, even meat, but just enough to stay alive.He does not hurt to take communion and become a saint.Here in this example, and it shows that the moderation in food is much more important limitation in the choice of products.It is necessary to have as much as the body needs, and not give way to feelings of lust.

Discretion in abstinence from food

bring themselves to exhaustion - the same sin as overeating.Therefore prudence for the waiver of any food was not less important than moderation.

When it fast, you can drink wine?The Apostle Paul writes to Timothy, his disciple, so he tried not only water, but also a little wine because of "frequent ailments".Thus, the church provides relief to abstain from food for the physically ill.

But again, the post should be secret.Do not walk, his whole appearance indicating the involvement of abstinence.Christ teaches people not to fast, but to God.Therefore, to remain in good spirits during this period will be more correct and more pleasant to the Lord.But going to the guests, watching entertainment programs and so better to postpone.

what you can drink in the post?

During Lent Saturday, Sunday and holidays are allowed to drink two or three measures of wine, comparable to the size of a fist person (krasovuli).But permission is intended for people weakened by illness.

contemporary church charter, which was adopted in Orthodoxy, going from Jerusalem.In these places, in addition to wine, did not know other drinks made from cereals, so it is only about him.In the Nordic countries, the wine was too expensive.We use it there just for communion, and the table was served a beer.

Those weakness, because of which were allowed to eat and dry wine from grapes (sweet and on holidays), were not the moral order (for example, the habit of intemperance), but only physical.In the absence of drugs that the patient needs, this drink was the only way to maintain his strength.

in Lent can drink beer on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, as it equates to guilt.But stronger drinks consumed prohibited.

summarize what has been said at all, it should be noted that the question of whether you can drink beer in the post, there is a reasonable and definite answer.Beer or wine you can drink to sick people who drink are necessary to maintain physical strength.Moderation and soundness in the post is more important than adherence to all the rules of abstinence.And spiritual limitation is more important than the physical, but the latter absolutely can not be rejected.