How to write a letter to the President?

you ever wanted to write to the President?Probably at least once in his life such an idea occurs at all.Everyone has questions, because often we do not agree with the decisions of the head of state, and would not, as he thought it necessary to act.The President was also important to know what people think, how he lives, what he wants.How to write a letter to the President?This will be discussed in this article.

Before you write a letter to the president of Russia, necessary to work on the style and intelligently laid out your thoughts.The letter should be written on the form, and it is for this, there is the official site of the President of the Russian Federation.If you want your message got to the destination, and reviewed quickly, it should be used this service.

How to write a letter to the President, using the official website?To do this you have to fill out a form, and then feel free to write whatever they wanted to inform the head of state.You will need to provide your e-mail address, which

will come information about the progress of your post.The answer will come to you by ordinary mail, because you will also need to specify the address of residence.When these data inaccuracies or hide the parts you do not get an answer.So reliable data point is very important.

Term review your treatment - three days.Delivery time will depend on the response of your residence.Most letters are more than two weeks.So it is worth to be patient.

How to make e-applications?

Let's talk about how to write a letter to the President electronically.Your message must not exceed 2000 characters.You can also attach the attachments thereto.If you have to send a letter along with a large number of documents, it is best to use regular mail.This letter you can send to the address: Russia, 103132, Moscow, Russia.Ilinka Str. 23. Under "who" should be specified: "Management of the President of the Russian Federation, engaged in the work with citizens and organizations."If you specify the wrong address (by chance), a letter can be delivered only at the direction of the destination.

The site can be sent to your e-mail 1-5 minutes, depending on the server load.So in advance to choose the most convenient time.For example, write in the evening or at night.But remember: if you have morning, then others may have already evening, and there, too, there are people who want to write a letter to the President.

What letters will not be accepted?

your letter will not be considered if:

- it contains profanity, abusive language;

- written in Russian text contains Latin characters, or the text is typed in all capital letters, not divided on the proposal;

- Set in a letter unreliable or incomplete mailing address;

- your message is not addressed to the Administration of the President of Russia and the President of Russia;

- in circulation does not contain specific allegations, complaints, suggestions.

If you have a question: "To write or not to write a letter to the head of state?", The answer is simple - to write.Express your thoughts, suggestions, or maybe you have requested.You already know how to write a letter to the President so that, pull safely to work.In our country appeal to her head and everyone can.If you, for example, are curious how to write a letter to the president of Kazakhstan, it would be much more difficult.