What is society and what it consists of

Society - the concept is not unambiguous.Under it can be understood as mankind in general, and the specific group of people, formed for any purpose.The traditional answer to the question about what kind of society is this definition: "Separated from nature, but the associated social group of individuals who have the will and interacting with each other."It is a system of related elements, characterized by constant self-development.

To simplify the analysis of society, it can be divided into spheres or subsystems.These include the following:

- economic subsystem.It regulates the material relations between different elements of society.

- Social subsystem.It consists of various layers of the structure class and interacting with each other.

- Political subsystem.It regulated the relationship of man and the state, party activities, etc.

- Spiritual subsystem.It includes a variety of cultural institutions: art, religion, etc.

All these areas of society are mutually penetrate each other, developin

g and renewing itself over time.They are also interdependent, which makes the harmonious coexistence of all the subsystems and their components.

development of society, we can observe from the time of prehistoric communities.During the constant interaction of people, there is scientific and spiritual progress.But what is society if it does not have a leader?Usually in any society there are many chapters, which are responsible for certain areas of life.And the more developed it becomes, the more its leaders.If the government and society are in a harmonious relationship, an alliance contributes to the development of the latter.

Currently, each area has its own leaders.The political system of a modern Russian society regulated by the government, religious - the heads of the church, etc.This structure helps to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.A settlement mezhsferovyh relationship centralized power structures should provide a fair assessment of their activities.

What is the ideal society?This harmonious combination of interacting spheres are in constant development.But in fact, society seldom without conflict and erroneous actions.People have not learned to deal with it.Perhaps this is a consequence of differences in the interests of different social groups.And it may well be that the achievement of an ideal society in the conditions of modern life is impossible.

So, what is society?It is safe to say that it is the totality of all existing social groups and cells.Its main function - to facilitate and improve the lives of individuals.And even if it does not always cope with this ideal, it is in constant development, and maybe sooner or later reach a point where it can be called perfect.The main thing that people do not forget that they are building a society that depends on them, how it will be tomorrow.