Legitimacy - a pledge of peace

legitimacy - a specific feature of the political power.It is a form of support and recognition of the legitimacy of the exercise of authority by the State or its individual structures.

origins of the concept of "legitimacy" originates from the Latin word "legality".But the two concepts are not synonymous.Political power is not always based on laws and regulations, but the support of one or another part of the population is always present.It is not the legality and legal, based on legislation, the type of government.Power at the same time may be legal, but not legitimate or legitimate, but not legal.The ideal option - it is when the government and legal, and legitimate.

possibility of legitimizing the much discussed in the history of political thought.Some scholars believe that the power may be due to such universal values ​​and ideals that allow citizens to express their support.

Simultaneously, other scholars argue that these shared values ​​is divided into segments of society does not exist, the

refore, legitimate power is not possible.

Supporters contractual theories believe that the legitimacy - a concept that is based on the understanding of citizens about the goals and values.

E. Burke singled out in this notion of theoretical and practical aspects, and analyzed it only in relation to any regime.He believed that the habit and the positive experience of the citizens can contribute to building a model of government that could satisfy all the interests of the citizens and get their full support.

At present, it is assumed that the legitimacy - is to support the government, which is based on three entities: the population, the government and foreign agencies.They are its sources.Regarding the legitimacy of the population - is the support of the general population.It is, in fact, is a cherished goal of all political regimes, the achievement of which is able to ensure the sustainability and stability of government.The legitimacy and legality of the government is in no way connected.Positive attitude of the population it can be formed on the background of any problem, which is at the center of public attention.But negativity can form in conditions of poor governance and low efficiency.

legitimacy often initiated and formed the government, political structures that encourage the mass consciousness to give a positive evaluation of the current regime.The more efficient the elite structures support the belief of people in the optimality the status quo, the higher the score in relation to power.

same role can perform the external political centers: international institutions, friendly countries.This type of gains legitimacy is often used in the race.This unstable phenomenon, it can vary its intensity.Due to lower the intensity of the crisis of legitimacy can occur.This phenomenon is often associated with the destabilization of the government, that is, its inability to implement its functions, the use of violence, military conflict, the lack of flexibility of the political regime, a violation of constitutional rights.