What we whisper the stars?

In terms of understanding the compatibility of Capricorn and Taurus is quite acceptable.The fact is that Taurus and Capricorn - the representatives of one element called Earth.That is why they are firmly standing on his own two feet, without building any castles in the air.The representatives of these signs are quite a few similarities.This is what we will talk.

Spiritual compatibility Capricorn and Taurus

No wonder they say that the union of Taurus and Capricorn - the most successful and durable.The fact that the partners have common interests, desires and, most importantly, the common goal!And Taurus and Capricorn are always and everywhere together.They will not quarrel with each other, quarrel and fight for power.They understand that the priority - the result, rather than personal ambitions.

Sexual Compatibility Capricorn and Taurus

Here both partners are well suited to each other!It is very sensual and passionate lovers.Because of the sexual component of their marriage is even stron

ger.Of course, between them excluded row over an intimate relationship, but it is transient.Partners have a vested interest in each other, so any problems can easily be solved, and will come to naught.

Their sex life is very rich.It should be noted that the Taurus is a passionate and romantic nature, rather than a cautious and reserved Capricorn.Most likely, the Taurus will be able to encourage the Capricorn to commit new sexual exploits, revealing his hidden needs.

Family horoscope: Taurus Capricorn +

General forecast

This faithful wife to each other with the same family values.They are looking for security and financial prosperity.To achieve these goals, Taurus and Capricorn will work as much as they need.Here is a complete compatibility zodiac signs!Taurus Capricorn + = perfect family unit!Consider both options in more detail.

Capricorn woman + man Taurus

where a woman plays the role of the family accountant: it will assume responsibility for accounting of expenses and revenues in common - the family - the budget.She'll make a wonderful hostess in the house.Male Taurus will do its utmost to inspire his wife to support and comfort her in difficult times.

Capricorn Male + female Taurus

This compatibility Capricorn and Taurus, perhaps, is the best.It will be very harmonious union in which the head of the family will like this befits a man.The woman is still an excellent hostess, who knows how to organize a brilliant life.In addition, it is cheerful and sociable, which will once again cheer serious, somber Capricorn.

Swan fidelity

stars say between Capricorn and Taurus there is the so-called swan loyalty.Their happy union is almost impossible to spoil!The only thing that can lie in wait for them, so it's boredom, routine, habit to be together.So do not forget about the diversity of the surprises in life, and in bed.Partners should consider increasing the power of their feelings.